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We were sent a fabulous book for Isla’s second birthday from itsyourstory.co.uk, it is a fantastic personalised book website where you can buy books from all different themes for all different ages.  A trip to the farm for Isla’s birthday is such a great idea for a 2 year old as she loves pointing at things and telling me what they are and the fact her face is in the book makes it all the more magical for her.


Isla literally screeches with excitement when she turns the pages, its Isla on the page “Isla” whilst touching her chest, as if to say “its me, its really me”. It is really cute to watch her reading the book. The storyline is about Isla’s special birthday trip to the farm to meet Farmer Fodder and all the animals – from Zebedee the dog to Clucky Lucky the hen and Warren the rabbit. There’s even a surprise in store for Isla at the end of the day when Clucky Lucky lays a birthday egg (but I won’t tell you what that is). The book is full of vibrant illustrations that include little Isla on every page, it really is cute when she reads this book and even Noah too. The story is simple and engaging and includes all the different noises that farm animals make – which of course a little 2 year old just loves to do.


When ordering the book you can specify a personalised message to your little one, which is a beautiful keepsake for the child, whether it be your own child or a niece or nephew. I will definitely be using this for gifts for family and friends in the future – I just love books and so do the children. It’s a perfect gift solution.  The only thing I would like to make you aware of is that you make sure you have a photo of your little one face on, other wise it just won’t work properly in the book. Luckily we have plenty of photos in our house, so I had plenty to choose from. The book is £17.50 which considering it is a personalised book, its a great price and a keepsake that will stay with that child forever. I can’t see Isla ever wanting to get rid of it!

There is currently a fantastic offer on the Itsyourstory website, if you use the code BOTTLE25, you get 25% off the new water bottles – which is a great bottle for back to school!



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#littlemissbookworm – itsyourstory

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