Today, September 6th, Lindam are  launching the first Safety Day, to make parents aware of the dangers that can be found in the home. More accidents happen in the home than anywhere else and, shockingly, more children die annually because of accidents rather than illnesses, such as meningitis. Lindam is committed to reducing childhood accidents in the home and is launching the first national Safety Day on September 6th 2012 with the theme ‘The Difference A Minute Can Make’ which looks at how time pressured parents could be risking their child’s health.

Many accidents can be prevented in one minute and I was sent a selection of the brand new Lindam Xtra Guard™ range for 2012 that provides parents with revolutionary and innovative products that ensure your child will be kept safe around the home. All products feature a double layer of security providing tamper resilience and double locking protection. I was also sent the innovative and stylish vinyl sun shade that protects your baby from the glaring sun and harmful UV rays whilst travelling in the car and fixes easily onto the window with suction cups. Featuring award-winning White Hot™ technology, the heat alert system indicates when the temperature is too hot so you can rest assured your baby is protected and comfortable in the sun whether you’re on a long journey or a quick trip to the supermarket.



So what did the Constants think of the Lindam Xtra Guard range?

The first thing I attempted was to install the sun shade, especially while the sun is still shining, I wanted to know if our car journey yesterday was too hot for little Isla and Noah.

The red dot stayed red throughout our journey and the day, it didn’t turn white. But you can see how easy it would be to see if the dot was white, you couldn’t really miss it.

To get the sun shade out of the packet and placed on the window of the car, it took precisely 1 minute and 17 seconds. So the difference this minute and 17 seconds could make to my life, is that I can use the car accordingly, knowing if it is too hot and can cool it down before putting the children inside and I know that the sun is blocked from Isla’s face in her car seat.

Next I installed the home safety kit in the Constant household and I can honestly say that all of the safety items took less than 1 minute to install, except for the safety catches that needed screwing into position and marking out so that the 2 parts came together at the right point. The photo shows the safety catch (part 1) which is now firmly attached to the cupboard door where we keep the washing powder and conditioner and plastic bags etc – I cannot even begin to imagine how quickly it would have taken Noah to hurt himself with any of the products or a plastic bag. The extra time it took to install the catches was definately worth it.

I used the appliance latch on the freezer door, this took under a minute to install – all you have to do is make sure that the 2 parts line up when the door is closed. The instructions were very clear on how to set it up and make sure the door is secure. This will stop Noah & eventually Isla from opening the freezer and causing havoc – or stealing all the ice creams!

The door stopper literally took 10 seconds to install, such a simple idea (that I can honestly say I had never thought of until now) that will prevent a horrid accident. Noah could have easily squished his fingers in this lounge door, but not anymore. We also have an issue with this lounge door, that when closed firmly it sometimes doesn’t open again because the sofa is right up against the door frame. Unfortunately, it has happened before where the door was stuck with Noah in the lounge and Nanny on the opposite side (poor Nanny hurt her shoulder trying to get back into the lounge), so not only will this prevent him shutting his fingers in the door, it will also stop the door from shutting and therefore trapping him in the lounge.

Installing the corner cushions was also really quick and simple, it took about 25 seconds to get the stickers onto the cushion and then to place the cushion on to the corner of the unit. These corners on the unit are about Noah’s head height at the moment and therefore I thought it would be best to protect that pretty little head of his, incase he was to trip into the corner of the unit.

The UK plug socket covers take 5 seconds to install, so to know that it takes 5 seconds of my time to prevent what could be a horrific accident if Noah sticks his finger in the socket. He is going through a habit of pressing the switches on and off at the moment, so I think its even more crucial to make sure the sockets are covered. I’m hoping he will understand very quickly, how dangerous playing with sockets can be – but until he is big enough to grasp that concept, covering them up is the best safety approach.

Finally I installed the multi purpose latch on the cupboard under the sink. It literally took seconds to do and I am sure we are not the only household to have all of the cleaning products under the sink. So making sure Noah cannot get into this cupboard is really important, he can no longer get his hands on bleaches, stain removers, oven cleaners and even the oven gloves could be dangerous to a toddler.

I really appreciated learning about these products and safety ideas, I cannot recommend enough to anyone baby-proofing  their homes for little ones, to grab a box of the home safety kit and also the sun shade for the car. The difference a minute can make by installing these innovative products, really could make a massive difference to your toddlers safety.

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