At Kadria they understand that a pregnant woman may want some pampering but that she may be worried about the ingredients in her beauty products. She will also worry about her baby and the ingredients that she puts of her baby’s skin. Kadria has formulated a luxury range of natural skincare formulated specifically for pregnancy, the new mother and baby so that women can care for themselves and their babies with confidence. We were sent some of these fabulous products for Isla to try out: Baby Oil and Baby Balm.


The Baby Oil with rosehip and apricot, is natural and lightly scented and its a great massage oil to use on your baby from 2 months old. I use this on Isla after her bathtime, focusing special attention to her belly area because she has been suffering with colic over the months and she still gets it a little bit. I think it is helping her, it certainly relaxes her before bedtime. I am not 100% sure if it is just a coincidence but she has been sleeping until 6:30am since I have introduced this into our bedtime routine. (She has been waking up at least once in the night since birth). The oil smells delicious, I really like the smell of it and Isla certainly doesn’t make a fuss. It is really good on your skin and doesn’t get grease on her pyjamas or any of my clothes, which is fabulous. You can buy this for £12 from the Kadria website:

The Baby Balm with cocoa butter and sea buckthorn is made with an olive wax which provides a protective barrier to the skin. Sea buckthorn has anti-microbal, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and regenerative properties. What does that mean? It basically helps to keep your baby’s skin strong and healthy, protect against dampness and broken skin. Isla has dry skin behind her left ear and its been helping wonders with that, it has made the skin more hydrated and I can feel the skin isn’t as dry. You can use this on your babies bottom after nappy changing or bathtime, I haven’t been using it at the moment because Isla is having antibiotic cream on her botty after nappy changing because it is sore. So once this is clear, I will definitely add this to our bedtime routine too. You can buy this for £14 on the Kadria website.

To see the other products from Kadria and read about the ingredients, please see the website and make sure to have a look at all the fabulous natural ingredients that go into the products.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 5th September 2012