Most of us are fortunate. Our lives run relatively smoothly. When we do have problems they are the same ones many people have. So, finding the advice we need to navigate our way through the situation is relatively easy. There are plenty of consumer associations and support groups that can help with life’s common hiccups. I love law, as you may know, so this really interests me. When it comes to legal matters, you should always look for a specialist’s advice. For instance, the right Legal Aid Solicitors will study your case in detail to provide you an excellent service, evaluating all your options, and always striving for your best interests.

But, things are a bit different if you find yourself facing issues that are less common. For example, if you need to find the rate of VA disability and work out how to qualify for the benefits, things are not so easy. That kind of information is hard to find on forums and regular websites. The same is true if you have been a victim of medical negligence.

In those kinds of situations, often, hiring a lawyer is the best answer. But, you have to be sure that it is the right one. Here are a few things you need to consider.

Expertise that is truly relevant to your case

Top of the list is expertise. You have to be sure that whoever you hire fully understand the situation you are in and how to help you to get the best result.

For example, if you think your health problems are due to a new drug you have been taking you could hire a general medical negligence lawyer. But, you would likely do much better if you found one that has already dealt with cases involving that particular drug. 

Properly qualified

Before hiring any legal professional, you should always double-check that they are actually qualified. Sadly, in many countries, fake lawyers are becoming a big problem. You can read about some of the ways people are being tricked by these scammers by clicking here. Doing so can help you to avoid hiring the wrong person. But, the best way to make sure you don’t get scammed is to check with the relevant professional organization to see if they are qualified. In America, that would be the bar association. 

Most countries have a similar organization. Usually, all you do is put in the name and address of the solicitor. At which point, you get back details of their qualifications. If they are not in the database, they are likely not qualified.

Active in the legal community

Many of the best lawyers write papers, advice others and head up local legal associations. A in quotes search for their name and the term lawyer or solicitor should uncover this type of information.

A lawyer that has a good reputation and happy former clients

Try to talk to some of their former clients. Or, go online and see if you can find any reviews. 

If there is a support group for the problem you have, ask there too. Anyone who has had a positive experience with a lawyer will normally share their contact details with you. As well as explain the process they went through to find that legal professional.

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Last Update: Friday, 3rd July 2020