Nearly time for numero 2….

With numero 2 very close around the corner, I figured it was time to make sure I had the baby essentials in place: 

When Noah was a newborn we lived at our other house so I am sure there are lots of things that I haven’t done in this house that need to be sorted ready for our newest edition.

Bibs, Safety gates, baby baths, cups and baby toys are all things that I need to get sorted… I will be going through Noah’s toys and bits and pieces and sorting out what can be re-used with the newborn and I also need to work out what I need to buy as new items. We need to buy new bottles and nibs for the newborn as Noah has used the Tommee Tippee bottles since he was born and we upgraded all the nibs to the older stage so Noah couldn’t bite through the nibs. I am also planning on getting a new steriliser for the bottles as the one we have hasn’t been used for 15 months and I am not sure how “sterile” it will be.

Over the next few days I will be going through all the newborn items that we have and I will be making sure they are all cleaned up, ready for the next one: car seat needs cleaning and the base needs installing in the car ready, the carrycot needs cleaning up, the moses basket and the baby baths need sorting out and everything putting in their place.

I have made a start on my bedroom, the rocking chair is ready, a basket of newborn nappies and other little newborn goodies. Nanny and Grandad have been out buying lots of lovely goodies for the new arrival too, including matching socks to Noah which are just adorable – I cant wait to get a photo of them both in their matching socks, yes, its just the small things.

3 and a half weeks to go and counting… I wonder if its going to be early, on time or late, I know we will be finding out very soon regardless!

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  • I’ve not used my big steriliser once 2nd time round. Been using my single bottle tommee tipped steriliser that goes in the microwave for 3 mins great for travelling too!
    exciting times in the final countdown to tiny boy!xx

    • Ahhhh I have one of those that came with the breast pump! Great Idea. I am planning on breast feeding so hopefully we wont need the big steriliser either as I wont be using any bottles haha.

      Countdown to TINY BOY? Are you favouring the side of the midwife? ha ha xx

    • Hehe, aw Emma bless you! I am excited about when it will happen too. 3 weeks to go until due date, so any day it COULD arrive, but if its like its big brother – it will be a week late 🙁

      More competitions in the meantime, I think so!!! haha xx

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