Little Isla has been giving us a lot of fun and laughter over the past few weeks, she is growing up to be a lovely little character who entertains us constantly. She is changing so much at the moment and what with all the changes happening around her, I am not surprised. She is enjoying pre-school and the new school run routine, she is talking a lot better (and more) and she is understanding a lot more about the world around her. 



She is picking up a lot, because Noah comes home with things from school, she is getting a lot of her learning through him. She is so eager to read, I can feel it coming off of her. She has started to open books and make up stories from her imagination, it is really sweet and lovely to hear. She is so creative, a super creative little girl, she loves drawing and making things. She is really trying to write too. She has her own little version of letters that looks like doodles. She can write her name though and is very good at trying Noah’s name. For a little while she could only spell Noah’s name, which he taught her, it was very cute. 


Things have lapsed a little with her routines, she was doing really well with her bedtime routine and now she is wetting the bed and she is not going to sleep too well either. She went through a stage of going to sleep really well, now, around 4 times out of 7 she needs a big cuddle to sleep. I think, sometimes, I forget how little she still is. Where Noah goes straight to bed and to sleep, I think she should too. But she is only little, she needs a cuddle some nights. The nights she is so tired she does go straight to sleep. We have put her back in night time nappies too, since doing that she sleeps through the night. She had been waking up at around 5am every night because she was wetting the bed and waking herself up. Again, forgetting how little she is. But she went through a good 3 or 4 months with no nappies on at night time. Maybe all this routine change has changed the way her body works! 

Sibling love

They are getting on well, mostly, as there are still arguments over toys or bickering about silly little things. But I am putting it down to tiredness. They must be so tired after the full day at school or nursery, the school runs and the different routine that is now in place. On the other hand, when they are nice to each other they are really lovely. Noah is really helpful to her and vice versa. I love listening to Isla boss Noah around when they are playing their little games, it is really cute. 


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Last Update: Tuesday, 10th November 2015