This month has been one of the best with Isla Rae, despite flu bugs and the odd cold from the rather chilly weather. She is learning in abundance and really soaking everything up at the moment and she is starting to talk. Yippee!


Isla words

The list of words is growing by the week, focusing on some more than others throughout the week, this is how she learns: copy, repeat, repeat, repeat and repeat some more. I suppose that is just normal for all toddlers! Isla has learnt to say Daddy and Grandad clearly in the last week or so, she is yet to say Mummy (I have no idea why she doesn’t but I am not taking offense, well too much) and she said turtle in the bath last week. So she is picking words up frequently now. Whats that, whose that and night night being favourite phrases, the rest of her vocabulary are more words and actions to make up her phrase. She tries to say drink, its more dink, but you get what she is saying because she points. I suppose this is why she hasn’t bothered to talk before now, she knows how to convey what she means and needs by actions. Why would you bother to waste time with talking?

She can say Noah, Daddy, Nanny, Grandad and Nanna. She tried to say Rambo last week and it sounded almost like that. Car and cat are very clear, so the “C” words are being picked up and “T”. Noah struggles with F and V’s so I am guessing there will be a similarity here in the learning to talk path. I think Isla is going to come on in leaps and bounds now, she has opened the flood gates and I have every faith she will be talking by her birthday.



Isla concentrates on so many things throughout the day, she always pops back to her favourite activities though. She really loves her books, Lego Duplo and her car shape shorter. She sits happily playing for quite a long time – I don’t remember Noah playing for the same length of time on one thing when he was her age. I suppose he had a baby sister to compete with and play with, so most of his day was around her. She isn’t a puzzle pro like her brother was by this time, she just eats the pieces – I am guessing she has no interest in them yet. She loves her baby dolls and pushing them around in the dolls pram. She shares toys and games with Noah, she helps him to do things and is really sweet about her older brother – it’s a shame that Noah isn’t always so kind.


Sibling love

They are just so adorable together at the moment, minus the toy snatching from Noah, they cuddle all the time, play all the time and chase. When I picked them up from nursery last week Noah even told me he wanted to play with Isla the next day in her room at nursery – which they said they will do. Cute! Not sure how Isla would feel about that though. Isla really looks up to Noah, watches him for inspiration and guidance. You can see the way she looks at him and watches him. Her inquisitive facial expressions are very obvious and she looks really cute. Watching them play chase is the best thing, as they are so happy and just being nice and smiley. No fights, no funny business. I wish it was like that all the time though. Keep dreaming Sonia!


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Last Update: Monday, 10th February 2014