Did you watch the Zack and Quack show on Friday 7th February 2014? What did you think? The Twitter party was a blast and so many of you were joining in with the #zackandquack hashtag. We had lots of fun at the party, creating and enjoying some yummy cakes. Despite having the flu bug in our house we managed to get pretty creative and came up with some great crafts and more importantly, loved the new show.


We used the craft kits that we received to make some very decorative boxes, to keep our goodies in and decorated biscuits especially for Daddy. They were yummy.

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The children really enjoyed being creative and getting crafty inspiration from Zack and Quack on their excellent adventures. It is a great idea for a programme and I love crafts, so I hope when the kids get older they will do more and more – eventually being little Zack’s themselves.

I set the table out with all of the craft goodies for them:

I made sure there were yummy cupcakes cooking ready for snack time:

I then let the children loose on the biscuit decorating, Noah said he was making monster wheels for his monster truck:

We sat down and watched both episodes of Zack and Quack, Noah was laughing throughout it and Isla was captivated too. That is really saying something as Isla doesn’t sit still for too long:

Then after we watched Zack and Quack we went back to the craft table and came up with some fabulous sticking and glueing pictures, inspired by Zack’s creativity in pop up land:

You can see Zack and Quack on Nick JR, Friday’s at 4pm. It is definitely a good watch, for budding little creators and inventors.


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Last Update: Monday, 10th February 2014