Not all shampoos are created equal, that’s part of the reason for the price difference between the lower and higher quality products. Although better quality shampoos don’t tend to e much more expensive, they prefer to use natural ingredients wherever possible. This is better for the health of your hair; making it look better and boosting your confidence levels

If you’re not already using natural shampoos you should click here and get started today. Of course, it will help to know the ingredients in shampoos to avoid:


This is a common one! It’s estimated that 90% of hair products contain sulfates! When you wash with sulfates you are massaging them into your scalp, effectively helping them to strip the natural oil from your hair and scalp. This will make your hair dry, dull-looking, and is likely to be the reason you have an itchy scalp. 

They are also very good at removing colour from your hair!

However, perhaps most concerning is the link found between sulfates and health issues, such as kidney damage and reduced lung function. 


Parabens are added by most shampoo manufacturers as they help to extend the life of the shampoo. That means it can be kept longer on the shelf and in your bathroom. 

Unfortunately, this compound also affects your hormone balance, potentially causing issues. Alongside this, it is known to irritate skin and reduce your ability to reproduce. 

It should be noted that parabens rarely appear on the ingredients as this. It’s normally listed as a word ending in parabens, such as methylparaben.


Triclosan is also a preservative, seeking to extend the shelf life of the product range. It’s not just found in shampoos, you’ll also find it in toothpaste and deodorant. 

Studies suggest this substance could be an endocrine disruptor, potentially causing reproductive issues, weight fluctuations, immune problems, and even cancer. 


You may have heard of Formaldehyde as it has received a lot of publicity as a carcinogen. In short, using products with this in can cause cancer, severe asthma attacks, and even be toxic over an extended period of time. 

You may find it on the ingredients as quaternium-15.

Synthetic Colours

These are often added to a product to make it look more attractive and therefore encourage you to buy it. The sad thing is that they are unnecessary and don’t make any difference to the quality of the shampoo on offer. 

In fact, this description is a great way for manufacturers to avoid declaring specific chemicals. That means there can be a host of peculiar or harmful ingredients in your shampoo without you even knowing. 

They are likely to cause health issues and you need to avoid them.

The Bottom Line

This isn’t an exhaustive list, that’s why it’s essential that you read the ingredients of any shampoo before you decide to buy it. Take your time and research anything you’re not familiar with to ensure you have a shampoo that is natural and healthy for you. 

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Last Update: Wednesday, 13th April 2022

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