Noah was so lucky to be sent a fabulous imaginext Fire Station to review, it really made his whole year and it hasn’t even got to Christmas or his birthday yet! He loves it so much we are looking at the rest of the range on the Fisher Price website to see how he can expand his fire station into a little world of characters.


Noah is really developing his creative and imaginative play at the moment, it is great to see him giving me toys and telling me something completely fictitious that the character or toy has done/said. Quite often Mr Fireman has just had pizza, or fallen over and hurt his elbow – but you can see that the creativity is flowing and toys like this really help to make it happen. Noah plays with the fire engine and fire station set in his bedroom to keep the smaller parts away from little Isla fingers, but he plays with it when he goes to bed and when he wakes up – you can hear him making nee nar noises and talking to the fireman. I love his age at the moment, it’s full of cute moments like this.


The Fire Station set comes with the Fire Station that folds up to easily carry from place to place, a Fire Engine with nee nar sounds and winding up gadgets and doors that open. It also comes with fireman that have detachable jackets for doing tough jobs, the very first thing that Noah did was to take the jackets off all the firemen and put them back on again. The Fire Station has a lot of accessories too: beds, computer with desk, water hose with water, walkie talkies for the firemen and no station is complete with out a flag! You can see the other pieces that come with the set in the image to the left, there are lots of items to help the fireman do their job safely and to help little toddler imaginations run wild.

I suppose the only real limits are what your little ones imagination creates, I love sitting there and playing games with Noah and creating scenarios with him. My favourite was when I was on fire and Noah had to get the water hose from the Fire Station to put me out – I got a splash of water from the special water hose.


The Fire Engine has a crane to transport the firemen up to tall buildings, this means Noah can put out fires all over his bedroom and he doesn’t have to worry about the poor firemen. The Fire Engine has a great mechanism built in too, when you place a fireman on the top, in the white switch, and turn the fireman around – it swivels the crane around. So you can get children to play together and work out fun puzzles to get the toys to do different things, which I think is a great idea. There is also the same mechanism built into the Fire Station where by if you turn the fireman the doors to the station open and out zooms a Fire Engine.


It is like Fisher Price have really thought about this collection and where a 3 year old will be in their development. It is great that these toys are designed in such a way that they make him think, find new ways of doing things and working out puzzles. There are some more puzzles built in to the station too, including the hose and ladder – but I will let you work those ones out for yourself.

You can see all of the other fabulous imaginext products on their website: I especially love the castle range, I love the idea of Noah and Isla eventually playing together with castle scenes and rescuing princesses.


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Last Update: Thursday, 19th July 2018