Ever feel like your house can’t contain all the stuff you own? It’s a common feeling, especially when there are a few of you sharing the same space. Everywhere you look there’s more stuff to tidy away, triggering a stress response that wears you down with time. I have literally been throwing things in a bin bag today just to get rid of stuff! Storage ideas are always handy for me.

By decluttering your space, you will enjoy greater peace of mind whenever you are at home. And organisation doesn’t have to be dictated by the size of your house. Indeed, smaller houses that tend to look messier quicker can incorporate plenty of clever storage ideas that will change your life for the better.

Under-stairs storage

The spaces under the stairs are usually an awkward shape and don’t lend themselves to many uses. However, by installing a built-in wardrobe under your stairs, you are making the most of unused or wasted space. 

Use it to stow away big coats and chunky shoes by mounting some tough coat hooks and a rack for shoes. Why not double it up as your utility closet? Hang your ironing board and clothes horse and tuck your vacuum in the corner. This often-neglected space can be your saving grace when keeping a tidy, well-organised home. 

Use the backs of doors

It’s really simple and cheap but it’s amazing how often the backs of doors aren’t used to their full potential. Perfect for hanging up big coats, bags, scarves, towels and even shoes, all you need is a set of strong hooks that do all the heavy lifting for you.

As for your kitchen, now you know where you’ll be storing all your spices! Buy yourself a spice holder designed for hanging and make it easier than ever to create beautifully flavoured dishes.

Vacuum storage

You can have all the storage solutions in the world, but they’re useless if you can’t actually fit your stuff in them. Welcome to vacuum storage, the nifty little trick that shrinks down your most bulky clothes to almost a quarter of their size so you can easily pop them into tight spaces.

All you need is some strong vacuum bags and your vacuum cleaner! It’s that easy and is a great solution if you want to stow away your seasonal clothes for the next year.

Get shelving

Shelves can come in all different shapes, sizes and designs and all bring about a sense of order. They take up minimal space and often create aesthetically pleasing effects in a room. Play around with bespoke shelves to fit tight spots and stagger a series of shelves to create a light and playful look in your living room or bedroom.

Check out my other home posts and let me know if you have any more storage ideas.

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Last Update: Friday, 18th November 2022

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