This is a great post written by Tiffany Rose on how to shop for the right clothes during your pregnancy. I really wish I had had these tips when I was pregnant with my two.

Pregnancy can be a funny time when it comes to clothes shopping, trust me…I’ve been there, done that! There is sometimes that weird overlap stage where you might be unsure if you should be wearing maternity wear or if you should just buy an item a couple of sizes bigger than you normally would…and if you’re a first time mommy like I used to be back in the day, you’ll find yourself super confused like I was.

Well if there is one famous fashionista who has had the spotlight absolutely flood their nascent maternal life, it is the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. Kate had her pregnancy announced on the 3rd of December last year and despite what was initially a very ill first time pregnancy experience, she has not been far from the heat of the media’s gaze.

Kate stepped out recently to celebrate the 150th year anniversary of the London Underground, where she was where she adorned with her very own “Baby On Board” pin, which should herself and other expecting mommies a first priority to a seat on the tube – nifty, ey…?

To this event the Duchess wore a tailored Malene Birger coat with black braided trim, with black stockings and court shoes. It brings one to wonder what her dress might look like, as we never got to see that part of the outfit – but knowing Kate, It was probably gorgeous.

Even though the baby is due in July, Kate’s baby bump is still fairly understated – so who know’s when we will in fact get to see her adorn her Issa engagement dress turned maternity dress anytime soon?

If Kate’s Issa engagement /maternity dress is a little out of your price range and you are thinking of beautifying your closet with a similar maternity dress designers such as Tiffany Rose. Tiffany Rose is an all British maternity wear designer, where you can get anything from formal occasion wear to beautiful maxi dresses for the summer  – at least when the sun comes around.

tiffanyrose2The key to the perfect outfit basically lies in what normally works well for you and the best pieces of advice you can go by is to keep it simple.

If you are generally suited to certain colours make sure you stick to them, things like this don’t change when you are pregnant and neither should your sense of style. Many high street and specialist brands have maternity wear to suit all tastes so don’t think you have to go for plain generic garments if that really isn’t your style.

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