Love your Furniture with Guardsman’s New Care Products

Wood_Cleaner_235x264We were sent some Guardsman products to “Spruce up for Spring” and I went to work on all the wood furnishings that I could possibly see and I was really pleased with the results. The first product I used in my spring cleaning session was the Guardsman Purifying Wood Cleaner, its main aim is to gently clean the wooden furniture and remove dirt, grime, food and drink stains, fingerprints and grease marks.

I have often used cheap brands in the past and I have to admit they always leave smears and hazey marks on the furniture, I knew it would be “clean” but it wasn’t really the finishing touch that I expected. With the Guardsman new purifying wood cleaner I was very happy with the finishing touch and the furniture looked brand new. I helped with a spot of spring cleaning at my grandmas house this week, as her house has a lot of wood in it and I thought what better place to test this product out.

It is recommended to be good for regular used furniture such as tables, chairs and banisters – so I thought Grandmas house would be the best place to test it out. Grandma has a lot of tables, chairs and a really cool wooden staircase that is all open plan and after my little ones have been there I thought the least I could do is give them a little attention.

I tested it out on Toddler high side tables, a beautiful dresser in my Grandmas lounge and the bannister.

Side Table

As you can see there are finger marks, smudges, possible food smears and it looks a little dull and afterwards the wood looks full of life, a deeper colour, it is so shiny and clean:



This dresser gets a lot of attention as Noah and Isla love crawling around this corner of the room and Grandma uses the dresser to lean on to help pick them up, especially if they are going towards her plants. Noah likes to put his little fingertips on it too and try to take what ever is on it, off! You can clearly see the difference in the wood after using the cleaner:



Grandma has a lot of wood on her bannisters, they are all open so its wooden columns all the way around the landing and after using the purifying wood cleaner they came up really clean and shiny and the same as the other items, the wood looked darker.


Guardsman’s new care products are available to purchase at Lakeland stores across the UK or online via


 If you want to see the other Guardsman products then take a look at their website: Stay tuned for more Spruce up for Spring posts with Guardsman products.

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Last Update: Saturday, 23rd March 2013