A UTI is an infection of the human urinary tract caused by certain bacteria. It is the most common bacterial infection in the United States. Comparatively, females catch this infection more than males do and almost 50% of females must suffer from it once during their life-time. The worst is that it may often reoccur particularly in females. 

Ways to treat a UTI

Doctors prefer to treat a bacterial UTI by using antibiotics because there are chances that it may get worsened otherwise. There arise complications if it gets prolonged over a week. However, human body especially that of females has a natural tendency to treat a UTI on its own. Approximately, 25 to 40% of uncomplicated UTIs can recover on their own without any antibiotics. In such cases, moms can try a range of home remedies to speed up recovery. These may include:

  • Stay well-hydrated

It is highly recommendable to drink as much water as possible on the daily basis for it prevents utis naturally. Water makes it very easy for the urinary tract organs to remove waste from the body. It also ensures the retention of vital nutrients and electrolytes within the system. If a patient drinks sufficient amount of water, his urine gets diluted and speeds its journey through the system. It makes very difficult for the bacteria to attack the cells lining the urinary organs and make them infected. Although every individual has his own water requirements, an adult should drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. Infected moms must drink water to their maximum to rid themselves of the UTI. 

  • Undergo frequent urination

While infected, urinate as early as you feel it though you have to do so quite frequently. It will give two advantages: first, it will pressurize the bacteria in the tract to expel them and second, it reduces the exposure of bacteria to the urinary tract cells, thus minimizing the risk of getting them infected. 

  • Use probiotics

Probiotics, the beneficial bacteria, are always very much helpful in preventing and treating a UTI. They play a vital role in keeping the urinary tract healthy and free of the harmful bacteria. Probiotics, particularly lactobacilli, do so by producing a strong antibacterial, hydrogen peroxide, and lowering the PH of urine. This low PH of urine makes it very difficult for the bacteria in the tract to cause infection. A variety of fermented and dairy products like yogurts, kefir, sauerkraut, some types of cheese, etc. contain probiotics. Besides, probiotics may also be taken in the form of capsules or powder mixed into water or other drinks. 

  • Drink Cranberry juice

Cranberry contains antioxidants including polyphenols which have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Moreover, cranberry, currants and peaches also contain d-mannose for uti prevention. So, taking cranberry juice will help preventing or treating the UTIs a lot.

  • Get sufficient intake of vitamin C

Vitamin C has many plus points towards the prevention and treatment of a UTI. Nitrates in the urine react with vitamin C to form nitrogen oxides which is an efficient bacteria killer. It lowers the Ph of urine where it becomes almost impossible for bacteria to survive. Vitamin C maximizes its benefits when taken along with other supplements. 

  • Wipe from front to back

Always wipe very efficiently and carefully whenever you urinate or excrete the faeces. This is because bacteria tend to enter the urethra from the rectum or faeces. Once they get the access there, they reach the other urinary organs and cause infection. So, it is necessary that you wipe in a way that prevents bacteria from coming in contact with the genitals. 

  • Practise good sexual hygiene

Sexual intercourse is one of the biggest reasons how bacteria transfer from outside into the female body. Practise good sexual hygiene by: 

  1. Urinating before and just after sex 
  2. Using a condom of a good quality
  3. Washing the genitals thoroughly after the intercourse
  4. Making sure that both the partners know the current or previous status of UTIs.    

The above mentioned are the most effective ways through which females especially moms can cure them of their UTIs without taking any antibiotics. But, they must immediately contact a doctor whenever they feel:

  1. Increased frequency and urgency of urination.
  2. Low grade fevers.
  3. Pressure or cramping in and around groin.
  4. Pain or burning while urinating.
  5. Change in the colour or smell of their urine.
  6. Their urine cloudy, murky or bloody.   

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