If you are thinking about getting solar panels for your home, it is useful to know how the installation process works. This is a great homeowners guide to how solar panels are installed, making sure you install solar panels correctly means you know what you are looking for in companies and you make the most of them.

Are you wondering how to install solar panels?

Solar panels are a great way to reduce your energy costs at home. It reduces any environmental impact on your home as they derive energy from the sun. However, installing solar panels doesn’t happen overnight. The whole installation could take between one and three months.

Getting solar panels requires you to know the installation process. To further explain, here is our guide on how to install solar panels.

Choose Best Sun Time Location

The first step on how to install solar panels is to find a place. It determines the amount of energy produced by a panel. After all, it depends on the number of sun hours in that location.

Most people often place solar panels on top of their roofs. However, just because the sun hits your roof’s entirety doesn’t mean it’s the best place.

To determine the best location for home solar panels, survey your house. Observe the areas getting direct and longer exposure to the sun.

The more hours the panels receive daylight, the more energy they get and produce. Move the solar panel to another area when the solar energy is insufficient.

Build Mountable Platforms

The next step in solar panel installation is to prepare the module areas. It’s the area for mounting the solar panels.

Design the platforms depending on the length and width of the panels. Make sure it can withstand extreme weather conditions. It’s why people often make the platforms with metal or aluminum rails.

After finishing the platform, start mounting the solar panels. Use brackets, bolts, or clamps to ensure they firmly hold the modules. Be careful when installing panels to avoid unwanted accidents.

Work on Electrical and Wiring System

After mounting the solar panels, it’s time to deal with the electrical system. Connect the panels using junction connectors or a fuse combiner box. Insulate them properly to avoid any leakages and avoid grounding.

The next phase is to connect the panel’s electrical components to your home. Determine the wiring of the system before installing solar panels. It later makes it a lot easier and safer to connect all essential parts.

Give It a Test Run

The best solar panels are ones without faulty errors. To ensure that your solar panel works properly, give it a test run. If there are any problems, simply search for any solar company near me and contact them for help.

How to Install Solar Panels Today

We hope this guide helped you know how to install solar panels. Don’t let any faulty installations ruin your opportunity for clean and free energy. Install a solar panel today and enjoy the benefits that come with it.

Your learning must never stop there. Installation is only the beginning since your maintenance efforts matter more.

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Last Update: Sunday, 4th July 2021