So, summer has arrived and you’re facing that annual problem of entertaining your children. Keeping them learning and their minds active over summer and not just wasted on the TV or tablets may seem like an impossible task, but luckily it’s not. Here are some top ideas to keep your kids entertained and most importantly keep them learning, a combo we all thought would be impossible.

Fun Trips Out to Museums etc.

The number one activity I would say is key in keeping kids’ minds active is taking them to a museum or art gallery. There are tonnes of websites that show you lists of local museums to visit. For example, there’s a website that tells you what’s going on specifically in Manchester so Manchester parents can quickly log online and find out about any exhibitions that may be going on that can be fun and educational for the kids. Also, as trips like these are usually time consuming,visiting a museum or art gallery will more than likely take up a full day so you won’t need to worry about finding something else for them to do.


It’s very cliché and may seem like something very obvious, but reading is a great way to keep kids in contact with literature over the summer. And, if your child is reading a book they really enjoy, it can keep them quiet for hours which is always an added bonus! Nowadays there are a lot of localbook cycleswhere you can trade books for ones your children haven’t read yet or for ones they are interested in.  Not only is this cost effective, but it also kills time, and you can get rid of a few books that are lying around doing nothing! Everyone wins all round with reading.

Hire a Tutor

If your child has their GCSE or A Level exams coming up next year, you might want them to start getting ahead on their education.  One way to do this is to hire a tutor.  Although your child probably won’t want to spend every waking hour studying, doing some learning with one-to-one help can help them to advance prior to the upcoming school year and prevent summer learning loss. Fleet Tutors is a great place to turn to if you’re looking for someone in your local area to help your child.



Cooking is a great way to teach your kids in many ways, not only about nutrition but also about the importance of following a recipe step by step and fully understanding each step in order to make the end product. Another great thing about getting the kids involved in cooking is you can do it much like the museums and compile a list of healthy recipes and let them pick what they want to make.  This will make them more enthusiastic about wanting to eat what they’ve made.

Hopefully this article has given you a few ideas on not only how to entertain the kids this summer, but also how to do so in an educational manner.


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Last Update: Tuesday, 9th August 2016