You know the kind of presents I mean, perfectly boxed and ribboned with great big bows that sit on top? A traditional present. If you draw a present as a doodle – those kind. I love the look of traditional presents. This is my little guide to making your very own. 


You will need:

A box to wrap
Wrapping paper
Florist ribbon

Make your traditional present

Begin with wrapping up your box in paper of your choice, making sure to fold the ends of the paper to get a smooth finish.


Using the ribbon, cut a piece that will fit around the box twice. Wrap it around the box, twist the ends and wrap around the other sides before tying it securely at the top.


To make the bow, I thought it would be easier to show you in a video, this works for any kind of bow, if you want to make the bow bigger – follow the same steps but make the wraps longer.  

Attach your bow to the top of the box, in line with the tied ribbon. Use the string to secure it in place. I use these bows on most gifts these days, they look so much better than the little shop bought ones. A reel of floristry ribbon will last for a very long time too. Order a few different colours and you have your bows sorted for Christmas. 



This post was in association with Benson for Beds, who have recently put together a Christmas decoration and folding ideas post, see here

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