How to Choose High Quality Wood Furniture

Whether you’re moving into a new property or have decided that some tired rooms need an overhaul, you’ll need to think about furniture. Wood furniture that has been properly cared for and maintained can be a real investment, and can be passed down through your family. Wood is a long-lasting, durable and inherently attractive choice that will lend a sense of elegance and class to any room in the house.


Setting Your Budget

As with any product, the amount of money you have to spend will impact on the kind of choice you make. Set a budget and use it as a guideline when browsing wood furniture. If you’re looking for something really special, with quality construction or a unique design, you should be prepared to spend more on these features. If you’re after an unusual wood (walnut, mango etc.), you may need to find a retailer like Notation Furniture that specializes in producing this kind of furniture at a reasonable price. Keep your budget in mind, and remember that you need money left over to equip the rest of the room you’re decorating.

Durability and Quality of Components

Think about where the piece of furniture is going to be used. If you’re looking for something that will be situated in a family room like the kitchen, bathroom or living room, remember that these are high-traffic areas and the furniture will need to be particularly durable and long-lasting. You may wish to spend a little more on an item that will receive daily use rather than a decorative piece. Pieces of furniture that have drawers should be checked in the shop before you make any decisions to purchase. Do the drawers slide out easily? How well will they perform when used regularly? Check that doors swing open easily and that the item has no chips, scratches or loose splinters.

Choosing the Type of Wood

Hardwoods are trees that lose their leaves seasonally and include the heavy oak and teak and the more decorative mahogany, maple and cherry. Softwoods like pine are usually cheaper and should be used in less formal pieces of furniture. The phrase ‘solid oak’ does not actually mean that the whole piece is made from oak. It means that all the exposed parts of the furniture are oak, but the frame and inner parts may be made from cheaper kinds of wood.

Choosing the Type of Finish

Wooden furniture is usually finished to either enhance the natural look of the wood or to change it completely. If you want to wood’s natural grain to show through, go for something simple like oil or wax. For those concerned about durability, a layer of lacquer or varnish can be applied. Painted wood is a good choice if you want to make all the furniture in a particular room match, or if you’re looking for a more contemporary appearance. Although painting can enhance the value of some furniture, it is also used to freshen up second-hand pieces.


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How to Choose High Quality Wood Furniture

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