One thing we love in the Constant household is a BBQ: just for us 4, for the extended family or on a larger get together with friends. We love entertaining and we also love having people all around us when the BBQ is on, the sun is out (this might be a long way off) and more importantly the garden is ready for us!


To create a perfect living area in the garden, I have often thought about getting a new free standing awning for the patio area, so that even if it does spit down a little bit of rain, our BBQ will not be ruined. Not only would the awning provide shelter from potential showers, it will help keep the sun off of the little ones, it is really important that the children can come outside and enjoy the BBQ’s as a family without the risk of sun damage or overheating.

One major reason for creating this patio, protected space means that it forces us to move the BBQ out of the way of the patio area – which means away from the children. The smoke of a BBQ cannot be good for their little eyes and lungs and now Noah is running around at the speed of lighting, I worry that he will just run up to the BBQ and try to touch it. It’s just one of those things that you know little boys just want to do, touch what they are not meant to touch! So forcing us to have the BBQ burning at the other end of the garden is also a great idea for the summer.

I recently came across Nationwide Home Innovations, they have a selection of electric or manual awnings, they are installed in a day and they have a large UV protected area.

So, when the snow has left the garden, I will get my act together and in my “Spruce up for spring” get the garden ready for summer. The weeds need pulling, the grass needs mowing and the bulbs need planting… not only that the patio needs styling ready for the summer BBQ’s ahead. Next on the list – I am looking at outdoor lighting to create a mood in the garden, like these I found on moonlight design with some fab ideas. I also came across The Rug House, I have never thought about using a rug in the garden before, but what a fantastic idea and they have some great ideas, like these on their website.