Hearing aids can provide a great sense of freedom and joy which may have been lost due to gradual hearing loss. Wearing hearing aids for the first time however can be an overwhelming experience. Many people struggle to get used to wearing their hearing aids, to begin with. With these helpful tips from London Hearing Specialists, this process does not need to be difficult. Following this advice will allow you to adjust to your new hearing aids gradually and reap the benefits of this wonderful technology. 

Start at home

When wearing your hearing aids for the first few weeks, begin by wearing them only at home. The initial overload of sounds and clarity can actually be overwhelming. By staying at home, you will be surrounding yourself with sounds you are aware of, or expecting, and allow for your brain to filter background noises against prioritised sounds like doorbells and voices. Initially even the slightest sounds such as your own voice and the rustling of newspapers will be startling. As you gradually adjust to your hearing aids these noises will sound much more natural. 

Wear them for short periods of time 

To gradually adjust to them, take regular breaks and do not wear them for prolonged periods of time. Your ears and brain need time to adjust to sounds and noises. As you become more comfortable, both with wearing them in your ear and hearing sounds clearly, you can increase your use by a few hours each week until you are ready to be wearing them daily. By doing this they will become less noticeable, more comfortable, and beneficial. 

Be Patient

Although small differences will be noticeable straight away, patience is key when it comes to the adjustment period. Try not to give up and lose hope, hearing restoration is a journey which requires complete determination. The more frequently you wear your hearing aids overtime, you will soon start to notice all the amazing benefits they provide. By having the patience to adjust to your hearing aids, you can avoid feelings of frustration and stress. 

Speak with Your Audiologist

If over the course of several months you feel you are yet to adjust to your new hearing aids, it may be time to head back to the clinic for a check up with your Audiologist. Speaking with your Audiologist, they can provide some helpful advice and guidance to get you feeling comfortable. However, this adjustment period may be taking longer if your hearing aids have not been fitted correctly to your ear. At a check-up your Audiologist can also ensure these fit correctly in your ear and are working as they should be. In the instance that they are not, a new pair can be fitted.

How long will the adjustment period take?

The adjustment period for a new set of aids can take up to four months, with many people noticing small changes every week. The adjustment period will allow you to really get the most out of them, so it is important to be as patient as can be while you get used to wearing them. 

Helping someone with hearing loss is a great way of trying to make them feel comfortable with their new situation.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 20th October 2021