It’s clear what kind of candidates businesses wish to receive when posting a job opportunity. They hope to attract high-skilled candidates who will go above and beyond, who will become enamoured with their work and the company they work for, make good connections in the business, take up every opportunity provided to them, and never leave after all the investment in training placed into them. Long-term employees!

Yet, of course, people aren’t like that. If you pay them well, they will work for you well, but it’s a little much to expect them to fall in love with your brand, or to never leave for another company should a better opportunity come up in a few years. So this begs the question – is there actually a way in which you can increase the likelihood of hiring someone who does wish to make a long-term career with your brand? Is it possible to select them more readily? Well, with a business IT provider for recruitment aid at your side, and the following advice, we think that goal is more possible to achieve:

Use The Right Recruitment IT & Software

It’s important to make sure you utilize a business IT provider that can help you make the most of your recruitment IT. By ensuring your cloud systems are seamless, your communication platforms are well-implemented and used by the whole team, and the planning software for managing employees is functional, you can ensure a worthwhile passthrough rate.

Refine Your Interview Process

Asking a candidate if they know much about your firm and their past experience is one thing, but it can also be instructive to know how they think by asking their opinions on a mock situation they may be presented with, or even curating group interviews to see who shines. If you can refine your approach and test the qualities you hope to see, you may find potential you can make use of, and people who care about the work.

Train From Scratch

When you train people from scratch, consistently reinforce their career with skills development and opportunities, and delegate authority to them when ready, they have a real reason to stay with you in the long term. They’ll also feel trusted and satisfied as if spoken to like a real adult. This, of course, is only reliable when paired with:

Competitive Packages

Ultimately, it all boils down to this. You can have the best ‘family atmosphere’ in your offices, a good opportunity to train skills with real experience, and even a great HR department. But without a competitive package compared to all those offered by, well, your competitors, you’re going to lose more staff than you retain. This can be costly, and so the opportunity cost of penny-pinching is actually untenable and so ensuring reliable pay rises, internal hiring, and managing against inflation is key. It can certainly help you sustain a healthy workforce and attract top talent, and you don’t have to be unreasonable about your budget in order to achieve it.

With this advice, you’re sure to see how great businesses focus on long-term employees and hiring solutions.

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Last Update: Monday, 10th October 2022

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