Just a vent really. Since looking to buy a house, which seems to have been forever, we have had many dealings with estate agents. Some are just processes that really frustrate me and some are personality traits. These people, some of these people, are just autobots I am sure of it. This is my little rant, I had to get it off my chest. The annoying things that estate agents do: 

Ask you for all of your details each time you call 

Every time I ring up about a property, it’s the same questions over and over again. Name, OK I can handle that one, address, what are you looking for? What is your budget? How many bedrooms? Why don’t they have all of this in a database so they do not keep asking the same questions? Some of them are good and pull up your details when you say your name. Which is better but this is only few and far between, usually the one off estate agents in small villages. Frustrating! 

They do not share information 

Annoyingly, when you ring one branch of the same company, they still ask you for all of your details because they don’t share databases! In this day and age, they can share data very easily. Why not upgrade those systems and make it easier for the staff by sharing data from the local estate agents? These are big named estate agents too. I don’t understand it. Frustrating! 

Confirm what you are looking for…

…. then there are the calls you get every 3 weeks to find out if your requirements have changed. Why would we not have told the estate agents if our situation had changed? If we were no longer looking, we would tell them. If we needed a 4 bedroom instead of a 3 bedroom, we would tell them. I guess some people are not so forthcoming and everyone has to pay for it. Frustrating! 

Send you property details

I love it when I get property update emails from estate agents. I get excited about opening it, thinking it will be THE property that we have been looking for. Only to find that it’s a horrible property, in a location that we didn’t want and usually the wrong layout/bedroom space too. If we go through the pain of telling them all of the time what our requirements are – why do they get the emails so wrong? Are they that desperate to sell properties? Frustrating! 

Leave aloof voicemails

I get voicemails like “Ooh we have a property that is just perfect for you, it’s coming on the market in a few days, give me a call back and I can tell you all about it“. I get so excited, I phone them back straight away and guess what, they are always houses that do not meet our criteria. They are no where near what we have asked for. I just don’t get it. Frustrating! 

It’s not just buyers that get frustrated with estate agents, sellers too, which is why there are companies like Speed Property Buyers.

I am linking up with the #CoolMumClub, not because I think I am cool. But because I thought it would be fun… 

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  • talya
    Friday, February 9, 2018

    I hear ya! by the time we bought our house i was sick and tired of estate agents…they really can be utter pains can’t they? thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub xoxo

    • MummyConstant
      Friday, February 9, 2018

      Ha ha. We’ve got another house to view tomorrow. It’s crazy how long things take. thanks for having me. Great link up x

  • Crummy Mummy
    Wednesday, February 21, 2018

    Totally get this – we’re in the same boat at the Moment & I’ve come to the conclusion I could do the job myself, Better than them. I would make an excellent estate agent!! #coolmumclub