If you have decided to purchase a dog as family pet, you may be wondering if you are better off with a cross-breed or a thoroughbred. There are varying opinions on this and the choice is up to you. There are good and bad points about both options, from health to behaviour and loyalty. Sometimes it based on a love for a look or type of dog. Sometimes it isn’t that easy to decide. So, how do you decide which is best for you? 

Consider Your Circumstances

We all hear stories every year of puppies brought as Christmas presents and abandoned or taken to a pound soon after. Remember, dogs are for life and before you buy any pet you need to consider your circumstances, and if you will have the time and be prepared to put in the effort a puppy needs. To start with, they require constant care and attention to make them feel safe and secure. You have to train them to be house clean and make sure they get plenty of exercise.

Considering A Thoroughbred?

One of the advantages of buying a particular breed of dog is that you will know what size it is likely to grow to, if it will have short or long hair, and have some ideas of the behaviour patterns.  The best time to start training a dog is at about 8 weeks old, which generally is the sort of age you would be collecting your purebred from a breeder.  You can pick which breed of dog will be suitable for your family. Check access2knowledge.org if you want to learn more about the difference between popular breeds.

There is also your budget to think of. Dogs need yearly shots and purebreds are more likely to suffer from inherited diseases, so you could face more vet’s bills. Then there is the food, a collar, bedding, and toys. They all cost money.

Thinking Of A cross-breed?

Often, a cross-breed will be brought from a pound or rescue centre and can be older than when you would take a purebred home. Some of them have been housetrained before they were left in these places, but you could end up with a 6-month-old that has not got a clue where he should be pooping. Dogs are clever animals though, and they will soon learn. As a cross breed, you will have no idea how big they will grow, or how boisterous they will be.

From pounds and rescue centres, some of the dogs are much older, so you can see their full-grown size before you buy. Often in this situation they are nervous or shy after being with someone for a number of years before being abandoned.

They are less likely to develop diseases such as hip dysplasia, some knee diseases, most spinal diseases, heart problems and cancers, among others.

Which is Best For Your Family?

Really, whether you opt for a cross-breed or a thoroughbred all comes down to personal choice, and once you have the dog providing them with a loving home where they truly are part of the family. Dogs are said to be mans best friend, and the majority of them will prove that saying to be true, given the chance.

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Last Update: Sunday, 11th February 2018