As some of you may know I have recently got into Crochet and I love it, I love the fact you can get very creative with just a hook and some yarn! I am now a Make it Coats ambassador, which is amazing for me: I get to learn new patterns and stitches with a purpose. Well even more purpose than just wanting to do it in the first place. My first assignment is this rather bright and colourful granny square blanket.


You can see the pattern on the Red Heart website: Granny’s Classic Throw and you can download the PDF of the Granny’s Classic Throw to print.

Granny’s Classic Throw

You will need plenty of Red Heart soft yarn to complete this throw as it is quite large, you will need 10 colours and two balls of each.

You will also need a 6.5mm crochet hook.

The pattern is a typical granny square, working in treble crochets and a different colour for each round. There are 9 colours per square and with the last round you crochet the next sqaure together etc. It is really easy and the pattern details what colours to use per square and where to attach them together etc. 

You could use the pattern and do it in your own colours and make it look how you want. You could use three of your favourite colours for example to mix it up a bit, or do different square colours to make a blocky granny throw. It is a lovely and easy pattern to make and I am really enjoying it. The colours look brilliant.

I will keep you posted on the progress.

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Last Update: Sunday, 23rd August 2015