I do love stationery, there is no denying it and when Ryman reached out to send Isla the Magic & Sparkle Bundle set we jumped at the chance. Ryman have a wide range of products that you can easily grab on the high street, all shapes and sizes and they are also currently offering a 10 for £10 range too. Perfect for stocking up the back packs ready for back to school.

What’s more Ryman also has an impressive personalised back to school range that allows kids to put their name to the belongings that will be heading to school with them. The perfect way to ensure pens don’t go walkabout once they enter the classroom! It’s a great idea for, hopefully, their first full year in their new school.

10 for £10

Start with the obligatory endless supply of pens and pencils which are a must. But if your child is prone to mistakes, why not choose a pack of handy rubbers and pencils with erasers on the end. The Ryman Ballpoint Pen and Mechanical Pencil Set in gunmetal grey is stylish and practical with pen clips for blazer pockets. Glue sticks are always useful and you can even do your part for the planet with a recycled ruler.

We were sent the Magic & Sparkle Bundle. The set is the perfect back to school addition and a great way to bring some sparkle to the new school year. The five-piece bundle is just £15.99 and includes:

  • Magic and Sparkle Rucksack
  • Magic and Sparkle A5 Notebook
  • Magic and Sparkle Colour Pencil Tube
  • Magic and Sparkle Square Jotter
  • Magic and Sparkle Multicolour Pen with Eraser Topper and Charm

Back to School bundles are available in over 200 Ryman stores nationwide or shop online at Ryman.co.uk.

I would love to know your favourite back to school tips and getting the children into a good school routine this September, I think this year the kids are more excited than ever to get back into it.