Settling your children in a back to school routine

With the back to school photos covering social media; perfectly poised children and their perfectly ironed uniforms. It made me think about what we do to prepare for the back to school routine. It’s quite difficult going from little study to full on study and this year the kids have more homework than before. Different schools have different rules. A different routine.

Over the Summer holidays we tasked the children with these English & Maths books – we asked them to complete them by the end of the Summer. That didn’t happen, but it was a goal nevertheless. We grabbed the books from The Works as one has just opened in town. They are a great price, also fab for a little brain training at home. Our kids get so frustrated when they don’t exercise their brain enough.

Getting great back to school bargains is essential for any parent, I would think. We got some bargains from – the little maths kits are perfect to go with these books. They are great for little gifts too if you have little people in your family starting school in September.

We have also made an agreement that the school routine, this year, means no devices before school – they can concentrate on reading, homework, the English & Maths books or play with their toys. Nothing like a bit of creative play before school. I should try that before work – might help to get me in the right frame of mind. Ha-ha.

The new routine hasn’t gone perfectly as when the kids wake up early its hard to get them to concentrate on Maths for 2 hours – well its physically impossible. It’s impossible for an adult, let alone for a child.

But we are learning as each week passes by. What do you do for your school routine?

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