A role in childcare does have its challenges, but this is outweighed by the benefits the job can bring to your life, and the rewarding career that it promises to be. If you like the idea of inspiring young minds and supporting a child’s well-being, then you should consider working in a nursery. Here are just some of the reasons why becoming a member of a nursery’s staff can be beneficial to your lifestyle and career progression. 

The chance to use your imagination

As a nursery practitioner, it’s up to you to create and design the activities that will inspire the children you work with, as well as support their mental and physical development. This means you get to use your imagination on a daily basis, to come up with the ideas to stimulate the children’s learning through the experiences you create.

Creativity is vital for a child’s growth, and so you can use imaginative activities to inspire them and help find new ways for them to express themselves. Whether that’s going on a bug hunt, and encouraging the children to draw the different insects they find. Or perhaps conducting an experiment to make volcanoes out of oil, vinegar, washing up liquid and bicarbonate of soda. You can truly let your imagination run wild and see the benefits as the children engage in what you’ve created.

You can have fun!

In a nursery, no two days are the same, and so you’ll always be kept on your toes in this type of role. Children are natural curious, and when working in a nursery, you’ll have to constantly think on your feet, especially when the little ones present you with an unexpected situation (which happens more often than not).  If you can stay calm and collected in these circumstances, whilst remaining positive, then you’ll be an ideal candidate to work in a nursery.

In this type of role, you can also put your enthusiastic nature to good use, especially if you enjoy spending time with children and their families. And in return, you get to see the joy in their young faces, as they have fun alongside you. You can instil happiness into the children’s lives that you work with, which can be extremely rewarding.

Looks great on your CV

There is so much scope when it comes to the childcare industry and employment prospects, that adding the role of nursery practitioner to your resume will give you a great foundation for a potentially successful career. You could even partake in an apprenticeship scheme in a local nursery, like with Kiddi Caru for example, where you can achieve high level qualifications whilst gaining hands-on experience.

From there, you can use your qualifications to progress further in the nursery setting towards a top leadership role, or even use them as a pedestal towards a career in teaching or social care. The skills and knowledge that you’ll learn and expand whilst working in a nursery can lead you onto several employment possibilities, and a rewarding career in childcare. 

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Last Update: Saturday, 28th August 2021