Yesterday we hopped on a train and went into London to visit the London Museums: Natural History Museum and Science Museum. We even ventured around Hyde Park for a little while to cool off and then finished up with a trip to Prezzo. Yum. The kiddies really enjoyed learning lots of new things, although it did get quite hot walking around the museums and therefore there were a few grumpy moments.

Natural History Museum

I loved walking around the Natural History Museum, but it was quite hot so we did walk around quicker than I would have liked. When we left there was an hour long queue too, I couldn’t believe it. I would definitely aim to get there for 11am like we did as there was no queue at all.


We walked around the main building learning about gem stones, scientists and fossils. We then walked around the Human section which was amusing – Isla kept staring at the nude models. She was amazed that they didn’t have any clothes on. We didn’t get any questions about sexual intercourse so that was good. I think that will be needed in a couple of years time when they start to learn it at school.

We walked around the dinosaur section and spent a long time watching the T Rex model. It was fabulous learning about the earth, I had no idea the continents all joined up 200 million years ago. We were all fascinated with the facts everywhere. The kids loved all the activities and gadgets spread out across the museum. Isla loved reading the tablets with their information, she learnt a lot.

Our favourite part was looking out at the big humpback whale hanging in the entrance foyer. It looked ginormous. I just cannot comprehend how large those animals are. I would love to see one in real life, I can imagine they are super friendly giants!

Science Museum

This place blows my mind, I love the Science Museum. I cannot wait until the children are a bit older, when they have a little more patience and tolerance for queues to see things! We looked at the steam engines, they are gigantic. It’s amazing how far this world has come along since the 1900’s. We loved the secret life of the home section – it amazed us how objects around the house have evolved. We discussed for a long time how Great Grandad and Great Nan, who were both both in 1923, would have used all of these objects when they were younger. It was amazing. Noah couldn’t believe the Atari game, he was fascinated and also I do not think he could quite understand why it was just black and white.

They spent a lot of time using the gadgets to complete the quizzes or play the games. They really enjoyed how interactive the museum was. We learnt a lot about James Watt. I had no idea he had created as much as he did. I came home and Googled him, it’s so interesting finding out about our history.

I am expecting an abundance of questions tomorrow when Noah has had time to process everything he saw. I came home and created them a quiz to test their memories. Noah is great at reflection and he would have taken so much in today that I am sure he will not know what to do with it all.

I loved visiting the London Museums and we are looking forward to going back there in a couple of years. It was nice to walk around Hyde Park in the sunshine too, last time we visited the museums it rained a lot. The children are completely exhausted and so am I, can only mean we had a great day.

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Last Update: Tuesday, 14th August 2018