Fisher-Price Minnie Mouse bath toys

We were sent some fantastic bath toys from Fisher-Price, Isla loves Minnie Mouse so I knew she would enjoy bath and shower time with these new toys. We were sent a Fisher-Price Minnie Mouse Bow-rific Bath Vanity and a Fisher-Price Minnie Mouse Bath Doll.

The toys are brilliant fun, Isla loves twiddling the bows around on the vanity set, we currently have that set up in the shower as they both have a shower every morning and she loves playing with it in there. The set has suckers so it can stick to the shower wall or the bath side, which is great as its the perfect height for the little ones. The Minnie Mouse bath doll also helps Isla’s role play games and she often comes to life and splashes around the bath. Isla just loves her. She spent over 40 minutes in the bath the first night we had Minnie Mouse. She loves to say Minnie Mouse and she was pretending to talk with her the other night, it was so sweet as I think she is trying to copy her brother.

The vanity set encourages logic, to work out how to get the water running through the bows and it also helps fine tune those motor skills, holding the perfume bottle perfectly takes some mastering. The set also comes with a comb so that little Isla can brush her hair and Minnie Mouse’s hair in the mirror. The bows are all different colours and have different features, for example one lets water pour through and one acts as a cup and stores the water until it falls to one side. It is a great little toy and it doesn’t end up sliding down the bath so it is unuseable.

photo 1

The Minnie Mouse bath doll comes with a little Figaro in a rubber ring so he can easily swim along side Minnie in the bath. He is really cute and Isla loves meowing in the bath now with Figaro in her hand. I love Minnie’s old school swimming costume it looks really cute and the flippers are removable which entertains Isla for a long time too. The doll is very hard wearing, it has been thrown around the bathroom, bitten and pulled between the two of them and you wouldn’t think it. It still looks brand new, which is great.

photo 2

You can buy the products from online stores, the vanity bath toy is a popular hit with the toddlers, priced at £9.99 at the moment and who wouldn’t love a Minnie Mouse doll bath toy to talk to, priced at £11.99. You can see all of the other fabulous Fisher-Price Minnie Mouse products on their website:

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