We had our first family eye test at our local Specsavers at the end of the last year, the children had not had their eyes tested before and it had been over 7 years since I had my eyes tested too. It was definitely about time that we went to get checked out. I was really nervous about the children beforehand as I thought they would be an absolute nightmare. Like any kind of health care appointment. But I was pleasantly surprised. 

When we first walked in the children clocked the new Moana frames, that have been designed to celebrate the new Disney animation. The children loved them. Isla loved them so much that she said she wishes her eyes were poorly so she could have an excuse to wear them. I thought that was quite cute. 

The eye test process

Once you check in to the opticians, we had to have a mini test. I wasn’t really told what this test was, but it checked the children’s eyes and did it quite quickly. It moved around and they had to stay really still. Noah went first, to show Isla what she needed to do and then Isla went. She was really good because she had the chance to see her big brother and realised it wasn’t so scary.

This took about 5 minutes and then we had to walk upstairs to a different room, this room was for just us. This was good as it meant that I could keep the children contained and entertained whilst one had their eyes tested. Again, Noah went first and Isla sat in fascination of what was going on. Noah seemed to be really responsive to the test, he enjoyed answering all of the questions with flying colours. He looked proud of himself that he did all of the tests, perfectly.

They ask you to do the letter and number eye test, with different eyes and different types of lens in the big pretend glasses. Then they asked the children to do some exercises with a magic pad. They thought it was brilliant.

The only issue we encountered with Isla was that she didn’t recognise the letters as the letters are written in capitalisation. The optician had to do some extra tests with her using a card that he went to find. Isla seemed to quite enjoy the eye test as well, she was a little disappointed that she couldn’t read the letters but felt accomplished when she had to answer the extra questions. She loved watching the optician. She watched his every move. 

We all had our eyes tested and the optician said that we had perfect vision. My eye sight is almost perfect. I have to wear glasses for two reasons: tint out light reflections on computer monitors and also because I get eye strain. I suffer with horrible migraines, it usually is triggered by reflecting lights, bright lights at work for example have a flickering to them. 

My new glasses 

The children didn’t need glasses, but Mummy did and I chose some beautiful frames. I love the Cath Kidston frames range, so I couldn’t resist these. I added the Ultra HD lenses on to the frames too. I also ordered another pair, a back up pair, just incase! All in all the total cost was £155, which I thought was fantastic for the eye test, two pair of frames and one with the ultra HD lenses. 

The frames were ready within two weeks from our initial appointment. I had to go in and try them both on, the technician then made a few minor changes to the frames so they fit around my ears better. All in all the second appointment was over within 10 minutes. It was really quick. I took this quick selfie whilst I was waiting for receipts, so without glasses: 

I adore my glasses, I think they really compliment my face shape and my hair too. I have to wear them all the time at work, so it’s a good job. That’s at least 37 hours a week I need to wear them. I want to wear them all the time, even though I don’t need to. I took this selfie when I got home and tried them on again, as you do, this is my selfie with glasses: 

You can book an appointment at your nearest Specsavers online at www.specsavers.co.uk. You can also view the range of frames online so you get an idea of what they stock before you have your appointment. This is what I did, so I knew a few that I wanted to try on! 

I did receive a discount on the frames in exchange for my honest review of Specsavers. 


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  • Jim B.
    Thursday, October 24, 2019

    The glasses you chose look really nice on you. Glasses are really a very look for you so no wonder you wanted to wear them all the time. Of course there wasn’t any harm in wearing the full tie if that’s what you wanted to do. It’s been nearly 3 years since you got your glasses and you and the kids are past due with getting eye exams for all of you.