The British public love nothing more than basking in the summer sunshine, mostly because we very rarely get to see it! It has been in amongst the rain this year that’s for sure. You can always tell when the weather is nice – not just because of the glaringly obvious bright yellow things in the sky – but because the beer gardens around the country are usually full, often at lunchtimes but especially from the moment the clock strikes 5pm and workplaces start to empty. Although I do not get the time to do that these days, so it’s a nice glass of Pimms for me when the kids go to bed.


It’s strange, nobody seems to want to do overtime when it’s sunny do they?

There’s something very British about sitting outside on a beer garden or on a terrace outside a nice bar with a cold drink, a group of friends and a few uninvited wasps for company!

Everyone has their own favourite drink, but sometimes the weather dictates what kind of thing takes our fancy. For example, a real ale drinker might swap their traditional pint for an ice-cold cider on a hot day, while someone who normally likes a glass of rose might be in the mood for a gin and tonic., who sell online alcohol, took a closer look at our favourite drinks and it revealed some clear winners. As you can see from the table below, spirits were the overwhelming favourite (when the results were combined), proving to be twice as popular as the next favourite, real ale. These spirits included drinks including gin, vodka, whisky and rum; with lager, surprisingly, a long way down the list.

Drink Total Votes Percentage Male Votes Female Votes Anonymous Votes
Spirits (eg Gin, Vodka, Whisky) 136 34.43% 40 77 19
Beer (Real Ale) 69 17.47% 40 13 16
Wine 67 16.96% 16 42 9
Cider 42 10.63% 19 15 8
Lager 41 10.38% 26 11 4
Other (eg Guinness, Cocktails) 40 10.13% 12 21 7

Men’s favourites are slightly different to the overall results and, as you might expect, it’s the pints that top the list. Real ale came out on top with 40 votes, comfortably ahead of lager and cider.

Drink Total Votes
Beer (Real Ale) 40
Lager 26
Cider 19
Whisky 14
Rum / Vodka 9

Women’s favourites were based around the spirits, interestingly, with no wine (red, white or rose) in the top five, but real ale was more popular which was particularly surprising.

Drink Total Votes
Vodka 24
Rum 22
Gin 18
Cider 15
Beer (Real Ale) 13

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Last Update: Tuesday, 21st July 2015