The average dog is a sentient bundle of energy. Most canines have ample energy to burn, and if they’re not properly exercised, they’re liable to act out in a variety of undesirable ways. So, if there are no dog parks or other suitable spots for your pooch to run around within easy driving distance of your home, you may want to consider converting your backyard into a fun-filled doggy play area. While it’s reasonable to assume that such an undertaking would require considerable financial resources, creating a cost-effective canine playground in your backyard should be well within your abilities.

Have a Consistent Source of Water

If your pooch is going to be spending large amounts of time outside, it will need to stay hydrated. This is particularly true for dogs that reside in warmer climates. At no point should your pup not have ready access to water, especially when it’s engaged in physically strenuous activities. With this in mind, make sure your doggy playground features a consistent source of drinking water. A self-refilling water bowl can serve both you and your pooch well in this endeavor. Not only will this ensure that your pup has plenty of fresh drinking water, it will also help keep the water safe from various contaminants. 

Make Sure There’s Plenty of Shade

If you live in a warm climate or an area that receives brutally hot summer weather, it is imperative that your canine play area feature at least one heavily shaded spot where your pooch can cool off. A good doghouse, for example, will provide your pup with a comfortable place to avoid excessive sun exposure. A shaded patio is another good option, particularly for larger canines. Anyone looking to add an extra degree of comfort to their patio should consider investing in reliable outdoor ceiling fans.

Include an Agility Course

If your pooch has energy to spare, a doggy agility course can help it burn off some of that excess stamina. While putting together a homemade agility course is certainly possible, you can save yourself a fair amount of time and effort by simply purchasing one that’s designed for canines of your dog’s size. The right agility course will provide your pup with ample opportunities for running, jumping and crawling, thereby ensuring that it gets a hearty workout.

Keep in mind that it’s possible to overdo things on the agility course front. For example, if an agility course encompasses the bulk of your backyard, your pup will have precious little space for free play. While canine agility courses can be great vehicles for structured play, your pooch will still need plenty of space in which to cut loose. 

Install Secure Fencing

The absolute last thing you want on your hands is an escaped pooch. With this in mind, make a point of securely fencing off your backyard when creating your pup’s new play area. For starters, select fencing that isn’t sharp or jagged, as this could result in your dog getting seriously injured – or worse – if it attempts to climb or jump the fence. Furthermore, make sure the fence is too tall for your pooch to easily climb or jump. You should also remove any potential climbing aids from the vicinity of the fence. 

You should also preemptively thwart any digging-based escape attempts on the part of your pooch. Placing rocks along the bottom of the fence is a simple, cost-effective way to deter your pup from tunneling out of the yard.

Invest in a Sandbox

Dogs have a natural urge to dig holes, which can often irritate owners who are fond of their yards. In the interest of keeping your lawn intact, outfit your doggy play area with a good sandbox. This will give your pooch a place to dig to its heart content without causing any harm to your yard.

Helping a playful pooch burn off excess energy can be a true test of one’s endurance. Even if you regularly play with your best friend and take them for daily walks, they’re still liable to have plenty of gas in the tank. This is where a good canine playground can really come in handy. A backyard play area can provide your dog with a place to play to their heart’s content without wearing you out physically. In your efforts to create the ideal doggy playground, put the previously discussed tips to good use. You also need to train your dog to be calm around your children.

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  • ashleigh allan
    Sunday, January 9, 2022

    Lots of good ideas!

  • Jenny Harlow
    Monday, January 10, 2022

    I love the idea of installing a sand box i’d never thought of that before and our dog loves to dig so that might be a great solution to our problem thankyou