Has the time come to list your home on the market? You may be doing this due to relocation with work or you could need a bigger home due to an expanding family. Whatever the reason the guide below will help you out with some things that need doing before you put your home on the market. Just for the record: we are not selling! I think these tips are for anyone really as it’s always nice to have your home looking amazing.

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Open Up The Space

When you are having potential buyers come to your home for a look around you don’t want to have all your stuff cluttering up the space available. When buyers look around they need to be able to picture what their own stuff will look like filling the space. Remember, you are not selling your belongings in the home, you are trying to sell the four walls and the space within it. Decluttering opens up the space you have within your home making it seem larger than it is. 

A great way to declutter and get rid of items that don’t have a ‘home’ is to hire a self storage unit. You could also use this to store the boxes you have already packed up ready to move.

Clean it

Once you have finished your declutter and are satisfied with everything that has been put away it is time for a thorough deep clean. You should do this as over the years it is not uncommon for dust and debris to build up and be missed during the weekly cleans. You also need to remember your flooring. If you have carpets then you should hoover them and shampoo them to completely get rid of dirt and dust. For hardwood flooring, this is much easier to keep clean. You should sweep it using a broom or dustpan and brush. Once you have done that you should then mop it and steam it to fully get rid of any lingering particles. 

If you are unsure of where to begin then you might like to think about hiring professionals to help you with this. They know how to clean a home and do it for a living, they will have your interior looking brand new and sparkling when they are finished. 

Repair List

It is a good idea to have a walkthrough of your home and look for anything that needs to be repaired or filled in. you might have had pictures hanging on the wall so it would be nice to fill in the holes ready for the new owners taking over. You may have a to-do list of repairs that have built up while living there, now is the time to do these and make your home look lovely again. 

Curb Appeal

One final thing to mention is curb appeal, this is how your home looks from the outside. It is important to consider this as the outside of your home is what buyers will see first. If the outside looks in a state of disrepair they may be reluctant to look inside. It is simple to look after your exterior and garden, make sure the lawn is looked after and your garden is free from weeds. 

We hope this helps you get your home listed and sold for a great price with an amazing estate agent. How do you keep your home looking amazing?

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Last Update: Thursday, 6th January 2022