Wayfair challenged me to spruce up my kitchen ready for Autumn. I love a challenge and especially ones like this where you get to make a real difference to a room. Trending colours for Autumn are orange and teal, two of my favourite colours and that inspired the products I chose. Great products at great prices. Don’t forget to check out my family friendly recipes below too…

Sprinkle a little orange

When I saw the cast iron, orange, cookware set I just knew that would be the core of my project. I love baking and at this time of year, I love casseroles. Vegetarian style of course. I also grabbed the large end grain board as the end of the work surface is always used for chopping and serving. It protects the kitchen worksurface nicely. I think the board colour works well with the orange theme too. Obviously, I had to put a few pumpkins around the house too! Check out the ideas board option on the Wayfair.co.uk website, you can add items and see them altogether – it helps to put a theme together for a room. Or just list your favourite products…

Topped with some Teal

I found this teal farmhouse dining bench for the kitchen, I love it. It goes with the teal theme and I love teal and orange together. They look really striking together. It was really easy to build and the children sit here all the time. It has become the most used seat in the house. I also found this Mary Berry teal jug, which is handy for serving gravy with the Sunday Roast or custard with your apple crumble. 

Getting the children involved

I love this Kitchen Island, it is on wheels and so portable. I love the fact we can have an extra surface if the table is full of serving dishes. It also acts as a chopping surface for the children as it’s lower than the kitchen work surfaces. The handy drawers and shelf are incredible. They are the perfect height for the children. 

Family friendly recipes

Some of my favourite meals come out at this time of year, you feel the chill after the Summer months and you want something nice and warm in your belly. These are our family favourites and I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Vegetarian pasta bake

I used the Good to Know recipe to make this pasta bake, I simply didn’t use the chicken to make it a vegetarian version. It was really yummy and I had enough for lunch the next day! 

Home-made apple crumble

Daddy made this using the apples from the garden, it was delicious. A great recipe is on the BBC Good Food website, using oats is a great way of changing the dish slightly and getting a different texture. 

Quorn cottage pie

This is one my favourite recipes on the Quorn website, its so easy to do and perfect for this time of year. I love meals that leave you feeling warm inside. 

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Last Update: Saturday, 21st October 2017