Trying to get photos of the children can be a nightmare sometimes, when you want “those” kinds of photos, the ones that you give to grandparents and great grandparents. It was great to get them out and about in the local park, enjoying themselves and making the most of the outdoors we have around us.


I love seeing them run around, chasing each other and just being happy children. It is what having them is all about in my eyes. Even though we were just having fun in the park, both Mummy & Daddy armed with Canons, it was such an enjoyable couple of hours. I must admit we did get the photos we wanted, but it is hard work when they are so young. Isla in one direction and Noah in the other.


They found a picnic bench in the park and they decided it would be great fun to play on it, collecting daisy’s and hiding them in the gaps of the bench, it kept them entertained for quite some time. I was shocked, it was also a great opportunity to grab some close up shots.



I am super lucky to have such beautiful and very photogenic children, this is why we make the most of it I suppose – also that is the bonus of having a professional photographer as a husband. Very lucky I know! Here are some of my favourites:



FL2A4754 FL2A4793






Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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