I say coping, I think I’m pretty capable, but it’s just that thing of its just you looking after them. When you usually have two people to do it. Or when the kids wake me up in the night, daddy can get up early to deal with them. It’s those little things that you take for granted until there not there anymore. 

I had lots planned, but lots doing “not much”. I think it’s good to have time in the house, playing and chilling with the kiddies. Having snuggles and reading stories. Daddy likes to get out in the fresh air and do things. He doesn’t like it in the house as the kiddies tend to get a little wired. We did leave the house this weekend, but it was definitely chilled! We went to see the Minion movie at Cineworld on Saturday morning. I’ve wanted to watch it for ages and the kids love Minions so I knew they would sit through it. Which they did. They both loved it as much as I did I think! When we got out of the cinema it was boiling hot. So we filled the paddling pool up and had a play in the garden. 


The children helped me make tea, we made our own meatballs and they loved rolling them up for our spaghetti and meatball meal. I’d made jelly too, so we had jelly and ice cream for pudding. They loved it because I was doing it all with them. We all had a shower, put on our PJs and watched Harry Potter 3. So we did things, but nothing too much and it was just lovely. Noah was cuddling me watching the movie and he said “Mummy, I love you. Do you love cuddling me? I could cuddle you everyday.”  It made me smile from ear to ear. Those moments do not come along very often. But snuggling with my baby boy obviously made him feel loved and special, just like I felt. 

On Sunday evening after daddy cooked a yummy roast dinner and chocolate gu cakes (which are amazing) I sat with Isla in bed as she didn’t want to go to sleep. She snuggled into my chest, and after 10 minutes or so she dosed off. It made me sad. I’d spent the weekend doing things with the kiddies, spending “close” time with them. If that makes sense. I felt closer to them and they did me. 


I will miss it when she doesn’t want to snuggle into my chest anymore to go to sleep. I will miss it when Noah doesn’t want to snuggle on the sofa with his Mumma and tell me he loves me, in that soppy way. I know they will grow up so quick. I know things will change over the years. 

I’m glad I do spend quality time with my babies. I’m glad we had a perfect weekend playing, giggling, making, watching and singing. It’s nice to mix up these kinds of weekends with busy activity packed weekends on Daddy’s agenda. 


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Last Update: Monday, 24th August 2015