We love being in the garden, since moving into our new house we seem to be out there every single day as we just love gardening. We were sent some sun flower seeds, pots and useful garden tools recently as part of a competition to grow our own sun flower plants, after successfully sorting the greenhouse I thought it was about time that we put the little space to good use.


We were sent 5 sun flower seeds, they just look like, well sun flower seeds and even Daddy was surprised to see them. I am not sure what we were expecting them to be, as sun flower plants must grow from the seeds! When you eat seeds and use the oils, I suppose the realisation doesn’t quite hit you that those seeds will grow into beautiful big sun flower plants – hopefully!


We used the useful tools to make sure the soil was loose and ready for planting the seeds, we filled the plant pots up and buried our little seeds, one in each pot, about 2/3 cms from the surface and pressed the soil down slightly on top of them. We had a little practice run with the sun flower seeds before and after a day of being in the pots, they had rustled their way to the surface – I think a little naughty bird had been pecking away at them. This time I will be closing the greenhouse door.


I did a little research on our sun flower seeds before we started to plant them, as I wanted to be sure that I was doing the right thing and also because I am slightly impatient with the garden plants – I wanted to know how long it should take to see seedlings, as then I know the seeds are doing what they are meant to. The research gave me a few tips:

  1. Plant the seeds about an inch from the surface
  2. Use a little fertiliser on the soil around the seeds for stronger root grow
  3. If you see birds scratching around for seeds use nets to cover the area (I will be doing this)
  4. Germination should occur within 3 to 8 days


So I am hoping by the end of the weekend we should see 5 little seedlings popping through the surface. We will just have to keep tabs on the seeds and fingers crossed they germinate. I hope they do, the children are so excited about seeing the big “sun” flower. We watered them with a small amount of water and will do the same again tomorrow, we do not want to drown the seeds but we do not want the soil to dry out! Keep an eye out for more Constant Garden news and Greenhouse Diaries.



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