Dogs are man’s best friend, but they don’t always make our life easier. Well-behaved dogs are a pleasure to have around, but badly-behaved dogs can be a real nightmare. We have a dog next door that constantly barks when the owners are out, it barks all day and evening. Sadly, humans cause most dog behavioural problems, so before you introduce a puppy to your family, check out the following common canine behavioral problems and find out how to avoid them.

Excessive Barking

Some dogs bark more than others. Barking is how a dog communicates with his fellow dogs and you. A loud volley of barks indicates someone is at the door, which is handy if you can’t hear the doorbell, but problem barking can have any number of causes, so you need to figure out why your dog barks too much.

Is he letting other dogs know the garden is his territory or is he bored? Dogs bark because they are frustrated or because you leave them at home all day on their own. Consider whether you are inadvertently causing the problem before you reprimand your dog. If he is barking to defend his territory, be careful as he could turn around and bite you when you try to prevent him from barking. 


Aggression is dangerous. Large breeds of dogs can kill or maim when they attack, so do not ignore any signs of aggression in a family pet. The best way to deal with aggression is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Dogs are pack animals, so they are much happier when they know who the pack leader is. Make sure that is you.

From the moment you take a dog into your home, you must let him know you are the pack leader. Be firm and do not let the dog get his own way. It may take time with a dominant dog, but eventually, he will understand who is the boss. Watch out for food aggression, as this is a common flashpoint with dominant dogs. If you are struggling, seek professional help or consider re-homing the dog.

Eating Poop

Eating poop is another common issue. Dogs often have disgusting habits and there is nothing worse than a dog that eats poop. To a dog, poop is delicious. They love cat poop, cow poop, and any other poop. In the dog world, poop is like dining at a Michelin starred restaurant. To us, the habit is vile.

If your dog is a poop eater, check he is not deficient in essential vitamins and minerals, as it may be why he eats his own or other animals’ poop. Otherwise, remove poop quickly and keep him on a leash to prevent him from snacking on walks. For more information on dog habits, including unpleasant ones, check out

Jumping Up

Jumping up is an annoying habit, so make sure you reprimand your dog as soon as he does it to you or guests. If he doesn’t listen, give him a time out until he understands it is not a desirable behavior.

Don’t let your dog’s behavioural problems get you down. Speak to your vet for advice or consult an animal behaviorist.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 14th February 2018