You guessed it, L.O.L Surprise! have kicked off the year with series 3: Confetti Pop. There are 9 new dolls to collect in a fabulous new designed ball, with a popping surprise element to it. It’s great fun, I love watching Isla’s face as she unravels the layers of these sell out toys. 

Confetti Pop

So, you know how these little balls of fun work: there are several layers that each reveal hidden clues as to what doll is hiding in the middle. Isla loves unravelling all the layers, guessing along the way which doll she is going to get. She is desperate for a colour changing doll. The difference with series 3 is that the ball does a bit more than the other ones. 

She was so surprised with her doll, they are new designs so she got a brand new one. She loves her, her name is Black Tie. She found her on the collectibles sheet, I think she studies these and memorises them. I loved her “OMG” face as she got to the inner layers: and found her doll: 

There is a ribbon attached to the ball that when you pull it, out pops the confetti (you can see it in the video of Isla below): 


These new Confetti Pops are in stores now for £10.99. 

Lil Sisters 

Lil sisters are teeny versions of the L.O.L Surprise dolls. They are really cute. Isla was sent one to give to her best friend with a special card. Naturally this is being given to Evalyn, her BFF from class. She’s written Evelyn is her best friend because she looks after her when she is hurt. So cute. 

The Lil sisters have the layers and clues as to what the doll is, they come with a cute bag accessory and the shoes. The balls become key chains too which are great as Isla loves to carry them around. 

These dolls have become Isla’s favourite bath time toys. She loves playing with them in a nice bubbly bath. 

These Lil sisters are in stores now for £5.99. 

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  • Susan Mann
    Friday, February 16, 2018

    We love these, they are so much fun xx

    • MummyConstant
      Wednesday, February 21, 2018

      They are aren’t they. Isla is obsessed with them! Hehe. X