Raising a child to match the world expectations always seems like a simple task. In most cases though, parents don’t know what to include as ingredients in their healthy parenting and even though it may not be visible seeing a kid develop physically as well as intellectually makes the happiest parent. It is the early stages of child development that matters most, it takes the memory of a child, an empty space and it transforms it in the extraordinary.

Early experiences are by far the most relevant components in the shaping of a being. Well, don’t panic, there are so many strategies that you can use to ensure your kid is developing in the best way possible and among the top rated techniques is the art of drawing and coloring. It should never be left behind for the kindergartens . Read the influences of color drawings next.

Coordination and balance

The best thing with coloring is that a kid only keeps getting better at it. As the teacher or the parent corrects the kid where things don’t seem right, the kid has the mind opened to see how things should be done, how things can evolve naturally. Furthermore, the drawings to be colored are the same items around homes, schools and the environment. The kid will get to know these items by name and how they should look. The fact that a kid can understand where the colors should not exceed and what areas need different coloring is a primary education that in life, there are limits. If these limits are exceeded, then things aren’t the same any more.

Physical development

The earliest you can have the kid start painting work, the better. After hitting 18 months, most of the kids will show interest in scribbling. It might seem like a waste of color and paper for you, but it means a lot to the kid. At an early stage, the muscles aren’t fit enough and the systems of coordination are not there. That is why even holding a pencil will be an issue leave alone drawing and sketching. Well, that is the essential role of scribbling. It helps the kids learn how to coordinate the wrist, the muscles as well as the fingers. That’s where the writing skill begins.

Interest development

You can’t learn if you don’t want to. Adults can have their way of triggering interest in studies and what is happening around them. To a kid, that is not the case. You have to find a way to make them develop interest in what they see and create. With color, they create certain patterns that are visible to them. They want to know what those lines means, you can come in and start drawing patterns that make sense to trigger even more curiosity. That is the power of example. Another attribute developed is decision making. You can present different crayons and the kid pick his/her best color to experiment with. Celebrate these moments with joy, positivity and happiness, draw and color by your child !

Shape playing

After a duration of scribbling,  kids start to learn that there are certain shapes that show up often. They will start to pick those and represent other items using the shapes. Drawing a circle can mean the sun, and an oval an egg.

Reality portrayal

It won’t  be long till the kids learn that what they draw doesn’t actually appear the same in reality. The next stage of learning will be to work on drawings and coloring to reflect what is real and not just shapes. At that stage, the kid has gained a lot of skill and development will be at the optimal stages.


How do you see drawing and coloring as educational tools? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below!

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