I was very lucky to have been sent a fabulous Colgate electric toothbrush with smart sensors and I am so glad I did. The A1500 from Colgate is not only the smartest electric toothbrush I have ever had, but the most efficient in that it is easy to charge, holds it charge a long time and is easy to look after.IMG_9998

I find this toothbrush fascinating, it alters the brush speed and brush stroke direction based on where it senses it is around my teeth and gums. You will notice it speed up and you can feel that sometimes the pressure is less than other times. The other thing I like about the toothbrush is that it has an inbuilt 2 minute timer, so when you get to 2 minutes “the dentist recommended cleaning time” you can stop, or carry on as I sometimes do! It is so clever, it even pauses after 30 seconds so that you can be notified from the little thing that you need to change to a different quadrant of your mouth – so I do 30 seconds in all four sides of my mouth (lower right, upper right, lower left and upper left).

It has really helped me get in to a good routine with brushing my teeth and I now find that I am cleaning my teeth more often because it is such a minimal effort now and my teeth have never been so looked after in all of their years. I love the fact I have that dentist feeling when I walk out of my bathroom in the morning. I tried to clean Noah’s little teeth with it the other day but I think the vibration made him laugh too much and also the noise is loud and different to him, so he was a little apprehensive. Both kids just stare at me when I am cleaning my teeth with it though, Isla’s face especially is saying “WOW, what is that? I want one”.

photo 2

There is a fine art to getting it “right” when using this brush, tilting it too much one way can alter the speeds and you could end up having a fast speed on your gum line. But it really is a case of perseverance and learning how best to hold the brush when cleaning each quadrant of your mouth.

Me & Dean use this brush now and the charge will hold for over 2 weeks and when it does run out of charge, it really doesn’t take too long to charge up again – which is great when you are a little forgetful like me. I would be constantly waiting to charge it up if it wasn’t so efficient! At £75, it is something that needs to be considered (not just a quick spontaneous purchase) but in the long run it will be the same costs as the cheap manual toothbrushes we buy, as over time they soon add up. If you think about this toothbrush as a very clever, very efficient investment then you won’t go wrong! Put it on the Easter gift list: after all those eggies there will be a lot of teeth to clean!

You can see other great Colgate products on the website: www.colgate.co.uk. You can follow them on Twitter: http://twitter.com/ColgateUK and like them on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ColgateUK.

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