I adore Paperchase, I always look on their website for inspiration on what’s hot and what looks great. This year it was all about the bright colours and flamingos. Not forgetting the unicorns and the aubergine bauble! I decorated every room with a splash of colour and it looks brilliant.

I was sent a collection of brightly coloured Christmas decorations and I purchased a lot of fun Christmas things myself too. I love the store, there needs to be one in every town! So here’s what I used to decorate the house with a brightly coloured Christmas theme:

A bauble wreath

I love this coloured wreath, made out of baubles and some wonderful bright colours really bring energy to the room. Our kitchen is surrounded by the conservatory, so it can seem a little dull sometimes and I thought this would brighten up that area nicely.

A coloured mini tree

This rainbow coloured tree is fabulous. It takes me back to my youth, in the 80’s, when colour was huge! It has different coloured branches from top to bottom, working through darker colours to the lighter colours at the top. It’s not a huge tree, it fit nicely on our sideboard in the kitchen. Next to the bauble wreath, of course. I decorated it with some colourful decorations and star lights! It looked lovely.

Fun themed baubles

I had a lot of fun looking at baubles this year: my husband loves the aubergine emoji and I couldn’t resist buying him the aubergine bauble. There are some fantastic decorations on the website to spruce up your tree. It looks really nice on the tree:

We also got some nutcracker decorations, the glass hummingbird and the unicorn. The glitter filled glass baubles inspired me and I made my own to give to family members. It’s amazing how a tree can have a different personality based on the way you dress it.


I love these little guys! It’s something that I’ve come to love in recent years because my friend is such a fan. She had a life size nutcracker in her kitchen (it’s amazing). So I gathered a little collection this year, from crackers to pegs. I used the pegs on the tree and they looked lovely.

The decorations went well with the large gold nutcracker I found. All I need now is my old cottage, inglenook fireplace and I’ll be one happy lady at Christmas!

You can find all of these fabulous items on the Paperchase website. Have fun decorating your homes. If you have any cool or colourful decorations, please do share them with me on social media: @mummyconstant.

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