With the kiddies returning to school last week. I had to feature some of the amazing products from Paperchase. I squealed when Noah and Isla received their goody’s. Monkeys and Bananas for Noah. Unicorns and Hello Kitty for Isla. I am in love with the themed back to school items at the moment. I really wish I had fun stuff like this when I was a kid. I secretly do want Isla’s lunch box to take to work with me. That’s OK. Isn’t it?

For the girls

There are some beautiful goodies for the girls over at Paperchase. I love the pencils with the little messages on them and the sticky notes. I have a plan to write Isla a little message on one of these sticky notes every morning. So that she can see it when she wakes up. She loves things like that, like me. I wrote her a note before and she copied my words and wrote the same thing back. It was very sweet. I love the plastic wallets, they come in really handy. We store all our fab stickers in them, it keeps them together so Isla can just get creative when she needs to.

The lunchbox comes with a cool strap, as you can see, Isla can carry it easily. I love the little unicorn wings that come from the side. They are super shiny too. Even Nanny wants this lunchbox. Everyone wants it that has seen it. The drinks bottles are a great idea. You have little storage pots at the bottom, for either a drinking cup or storing snacks in. The kiddies like to change how they are going to use the pots. Isla tends to go with drinking cup and Noah for snacks. They are such a great idea. We use them every week: camping, walks, school, kids camps.

For the boys

Noah said, and I quote, “OMG” when he saw his monkey and bananas goodies. They are totally cool for the boys! No one else has a bag and lunch-box like Noah. He loves it! He packs his backpack up with his toys wherever we go. It is constantly full of building blocks and cars. The pencil case is a great size for his colouring pencils and it feels really good quality. He loves his subject a5 notebook. He has great plans to use that for his stories that he would like to write. It’s so nice seeing them inspired to get creative because they love their stationery and bags so much. I would go as far as saying they enjoyed their lunch more too.

You can find all of these amazing products online, on the Paperchase website, where you will never fall short of finding creative and inspiring gifts for yourself or a loved ones. I would love to know what you think of the items in the comments below, or on social media! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #frompaperchase to be in a chance of being featured on their website! Woohoo!

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Last Update: Friday, 15th September 2017