A great toy gift guide for children this Christmas

I find it hard to get out shopping, so I frequently miss the trends or what is hot in the shops. I like to find out what is popular, or too cool for school! So I thought I would put together this helpful list of great toys for children this Christmas. They are not expensive and a variety of toys for primary school ages. So here is the 2017 toy gift guide:

Rubiks junior

These are fabulous little characters that are great for the younger ones. Noah and Isla loved their doggy they received. There is also a panda, cat and rabbit. All in bright colours to collect for any Rubiks fan. It kept Noah quiet for 15 minutes as he tried to unscramble the dog and get him back to normal! You can get these from Argos for £8.89.


The children love, love, love these magnetic shapes. They sit for hours building things with them. They make towers, houses, cars, tunnels for their toys to go under. The list is endless of what you can create with these shapes. They literally clip together, magnetically. They are really quite strong. Depending on the type of construction you are building, they may fall or slip. But generally they are really sturdy and its lovely watching the children being creative with them. You can buy a set of 50 + 6 from Amazon for £44.99.

Lalaloopsy Glitter Makeover Doll

The Glitter Makeover Doll is the princess and expert of all things fashionable and glitters, she comes with hair chalk (ours was purple) and plenty of glitter to make her hair sparkle. There is plenty of glitter and chalk left over for your little ones hair too! It’s a fabulous idea and Isla had great fun decorating her doll. She also enjoyed decorating herself too! You can grab your doll from Argos for £34.99.


Isla loves these as she is a big fan of beads and creative toys like that. These are little pixel pieces that clip together to create shapes. We have the Geek kit that includes a few drawers and some images to copy, from Amazon for £30.00. The great thing with these pixel pieces is once they have finished creating, it can be broken up (like Lego) to start a new project!

Storytime magazine

A great gift is something that would last all year: a year’s worth of children’s magazines is a great idea. Storytime magazine is fabulous because it has lots of different stories, that are relevant to the time of year the magazine is released. Isla and Noah love their deliveries of Storytime. We loved the Christmas edition too, with a nice story about Little Donkey and Aladdin. It costs just £37.99 for the year, which is a great deal. 

Pokemon goodies 

Noah really loves Pokémon at the moment, he has a DS and so I’m hoping to get him the game soon. He loves Pikachu & the other characters too! These toys are great for Pokemon fans: Trading card games & plush characters, everyone loves a soft toy. 



I love these boxes of fun. You can get a lot of fun themed boxes in the range and they come in adults and junior too. You can get Brainbox for ages 3 to 6, then 7+. Brainbox On the Farm and Peppa Pig will be winners for any family with little ones this Christmas. We got the new Roald Dahl box and it’s perfect for our little ones. The object of the game is to study a card for 10 seconds and then answer a question based on the roll of a die. If the question is answered correctly, the card is kept, and the person with the most number of cards after 5 or 10 minutes is the winner. Only £11.99 for the new box too, great value for hours of fun.

Roll Up Bizzy Mat

This mat is not only something fun to draw on, it doubles up as a place mat. Its great for when things get a little messy at Christmas, this roll up bizzy mat is a great idea. For only £8.49, it is a bargain too! I love this image I found of a drawn car track with real toy cars being played on the mat. Great idea.



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