I find choosing the right swimwear for Isla quite a challenge, they are either too skimpy for my liking and take away the child look from her or they simply are ghastly patterns and designs. Isla is turning three next week and so when she is in swimwear I want it to make her look three, not twenty three but look cute with frills and patterns too! There is a difficult balance as a designer to get it right on the money and I came across heidi klein the other day and they seem to have that balance perfect.

HK Girls collection

Matching her personality

I think you end up buying swimwear that matches up to their little personalities, for example little Isla is crazy and such a bouncy bubbly girl. The swimwear I get her is always frilly in nature with bright colours and patterns. The bright colours and bold nautical patterns in the collections out at the moment are just stunning, complete with little frills here and there – they will just look stunning on the little  princesses on their 2015 summer holidays.

Keeping her safe

Like the heidi klein swimwear range, make sure that the swimwear has a SPF factor too to protect her precious skin from the harmful sun rays. The swimwear range from heidi klein is super soft, but also UPF 50+, that means it blocks out a whopping 97% of the suns rays. I want to know that she is safe when she’s out splashing and having fun in the sunshine. Her skin is so perfect and soft, I want to protect that for as long as I can.


Style her up

I have never seen little pretty dresses before in a range of swimwear and I love the idea that you can get swimming costumes, vests and dresses. This is great when you are on holiday, as quite often when you are tottering around hot countries (or even the UK when its the middle of summer) I don’t want Isla wondering around with sandals on and a swimming costume. A little dress that she can wonder in the sea with if we are walking around is perfect as it keeps her stylish yet covered up.


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