We absolutely loved our family holiday in Turkey, we stayed at the Holiday Village in Sarigerme. So much so it’s got me looking again for this summer holidays. All inclusive holidays are not cheap, but they do offer a range of benefits from not having to worry about snack time, family fun all day long and they usually come with great complexes that offer a wide range of activities for the kids and grown ups. Finding the best child friendly holiday in Turkey can be a bit daunting, so we have put these tips together.

Best child friendly holidays

We love websites that help families, by taking out hours of research for us and providing a great list of fun places to visit as a family. Good for children and babies, and the entire family. You can book to visit the Holiday Village in Sarigerme Turkey through Best Child Friendly Holidays website and there is currently an offer on there too! Look out for other offers that Best Child Friendly Holidays have on, as they add them all the time. This is the first port of call….


Now you have the right website to book from, with the right deals, you need to work out what you are looking for in a holiday. Make sure the holiday has something for everyone; Mummy wants the sun; the kids want water parks and pools. Daddy also wants the water parks and pools! Identifying the essential list means you can prioritise your holiday and use the right filters to find your holiday. It can be quite daunting if you are too vague and too specific, so try to find something in between. Something like: Any London airport (if you are near them), Any location, Specific Dates (with +3 flexibility) and filters like All-Inclusive and must have a Water Park. This will help narrow your holiday down quickly, but give you offers and holidays you might not have ever considered otherwise!


Have a quick look on websites like Tripadvisor, this is important when booking a child friendly holiday as you will soon learn if there are lots of things for the children to do and good menu choices for example. We always go for holidays that have lots of children’s entertainment during the day and evening. I love watching the kiddies dancing in the evening disco too.

Look at the map

Sometimes it is not obvious where hotels and complex’s are, so look at the map and see what is around. I like to be by the beach and so I make sure one is a short walk away from the hotels we stay at, or it is has it’s own beach area. That is obviously a bonus. Working out how quick the walk is to the nearest beach is a must for me, if the hotel does not have it’s own. You will know how far is too far and whether your kids would make it or not!

Check the weather

Will it be too hot for your children? Do the rooms have Air Conditioning? Are the pools heated? All questions I try and find out before booking a holiday with the kids as I hate getting to places and you cannot go in the pool without a wetsuit! Which we have done in the past. Turkey has a really hot Summer, so not chance of the pools being too cold. We went around September time once and the water was warm for the first week but by mid September if was too cold for me.

Does all inclusive mean all inclusive?

We have been to many hotels over the years that say all inclusive, but you get there and only some drinks are included or ice creams are only available at certain times. It is good to find this information out before you travel as otherwise you might have disappointed kiddies! The Holiday Village had ice cream hour in the afternoon, which often meant a long queue to get them. But very happy kiddies at 3pm!

Do you have any tips for travelling to Turkey with the family? Or booking that perfect holiday with the family? I would love to hear them in the comments below.