Your family home is a place of love and light. Not only will it allow for a beautiful childhood, but it will inform the memories your children craft during this time. They’ll cherish this for the rest of their life, so it could be considered quite important to get this right. Obviously, trying to forcefully inject memories can be unnatural and quite strange, so instead simply keeping your home as wonderful and beautiful as possible can help them understand they are loved, and allow for better personal development as they grow into adults.

Think back to your own childhood. It’s likely you remember certain things about your initial family home, and we’re sure they conform to these headings:


It’s important to have a stable home for your family. Some families do move around quite often, which is fine too. However, children do prize that anchored feeling, as it allows for a natural development of warmth and positive perception. When a child knows their room is ‘their room,’ they will often feel more prideful over it. If you hope for your children to enjoy long-lasting memories, one home is easier for them to remember than five. Not only that, but certain activities and implements they will also remember. For example, that warmed and ironed blanket at the foot of their bed every Sunday evening, or the separate smell of boot polish in the area where your shoes are stored. These repetitive habits do form memories, and allow for a beautiful home filled with love in all instances.


Children love to feel involved with their surroundings, especially at home. This might mean allowing them to paint stencilled artwork on a wall of their bedroom, or to help you work on a living room mural in their own limited way. Of course, heading outside in the garden planting gorgeous flowerpots with their parent is an activity they are sure to cherish and remember, as who doesn’t remember time in the garden with their family members?  We needn’t mention the massive benefits spending time in nature can have for your children. Allow your children to be involved in the developing story of their household, and they will feel connected to it. After all, who else is your family home for if not your family, and who is more cherished in your family than your children?


Your children remember the presence and attention they received from you at home. This might mean reading them a story every night before they fall asleep, despite your job requiring you return home late in the evening. It could be allowing your children access to your office most of the time, outside of critical conference calls and working duties. It could simply be scheduling a ‘movie night’ once or twice a week, where you watch even the silliest and childish movies for them. It might be exploring the grounds of your property, or working together to make artwork to decorate your refrigerator. More than anything in this list, your children will remember presence, your presence, in their childhood home.

We’re sure you’re an absolutely wonderful parent. With these tips applied, you could be parent of the year.

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