Your home is meant to be the most comfortable place on earth. That’s how you want it to feel. You want it to be somewhere so marshmallowy, you actually look forward to getting home four days into every holiday. You want it to wrap you in a big warm cuddle after a rough day at work and you want it to make your kids feel like life is nothing but rainbows, unicorns, and sugar-coated chocolate bars. We all want the cosiest homes, right? 

But how do you make your home feel like the comfiest place on earth? Simple. You fill it with most comfy things on earth. That should do the trick.

  1. Set The Expectations High

We’re not a big fan of doormats. Not really. Sure, they have a practical function but, more often than not, they detract from the cozy vibes. Until now because there are welcome mats that are so perfect they will get your (and your guests) excited about stepping into your house right away, such as this “Come In + Cosy Up” doormat.d

  1. Super-Cosy Double-Sided Blanket

Every sofa needs to have a blanket folded over the back of it because, even when it’s warm, wrapping yourself in a blanket is the best feeling ever. But don’t just settle for any old blanket, instead get yourself a double-sided blanket with fleece and a warm sherpa lining

  1. Delightful Over-Floor Heating

We’ve all heard of underfloor heating, but over-floor heating is a concept we’re championing, and it all started when we brought home a gorgeous Turkish area rug to put over our hardwood floors. It hasn’t just stopped us having to tiptoe across the cold planks, it has made our entire living room feel warmer than a Turkish sunset.

  1. Marshmallow Mattress

If you want to start and end your days in the comfiest way possible, then you need to get what has dubbed “the most comfortable mattress on the internet” – the Puffy Mattress. Now, if you want to get all the Puffy mattress details you can then, by all means, have a little dig about the internet. But all you really need to know is: this mattress has been designed and developed using the latest technology and superior quality foam layers. It’s like collapsing onto a thick marshmallow, which is what dreams are made (excuse the pun).

  1. Shaggy Faux-Fur Bean Bag

A home is not complete without a bean bag, and a cozy home is not complete without a shaggy faux-fur bean bag. Collapsing into this is like going for a cuddle with the world’s friendliest polar bear; one that wants to protect you from all the world’s ills. In fact, this is better than cuddling a polar bear because, well, polar bears can’t be tamed, making this utterly perfect for you and your kids.

  1. Thick And Creamy Towels

Stepping out of the bath-slash-shower is one of the most unpleasant experiences on earth (as your water bill will confirm), which is why you need to grab yourself a set of super-thick bath towels. Get enough to fill your entire airing cupboard. Trust us: being greeted out of the shower will have never felt sooooo good.


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Last Update: Thursday, 24th May 2018