With all the fun we have had during lockdown, I wanted something that would remind me of it all. All the family time and adventures we have had along the way. So, when Lily Blanche got in touch to see if I wanted to review their lockets I couldn’t resist. They are absolutely stunning necklaces, with little charms and they hold special memories inside. I honestly treasure it so much.

As we all know, the past 6 months have been extremely difficult on families. Well, on everyone, but for me it’s been on the family. Not being able to see loved ones, Grandparents not being able to see the children. It broke my heart when the children cried for their grandparents. So, with that I had a locket for myself made, for my memories of this Summer and I had one for their Nanny made up too. Now Nanny can have the kiddies photos around her neck and when we can’t see each other she can still feel a little closer to the children.


We were sent the Seahorse locket in Rose. I love Rose gold jewellery and the combination with Silver was perfect – it goes with my bracelet and rings. There are 3 different chain lengths, my chain is 24 inches. It hangs at your breastbone, which is great as it stands out with my clothes. You can add 2 photos to the locket or choose to have no photos. They put the photos in the locket for you and they look absolutely amazing. Great photo quality.


Lily Blanche was founded by Gillian Crawford, her grandmother was Lily Blanche Sheridan. Her grandmother was an inspiration of creativity and that is what led Gillian on the path to do something with this creativity. Combined with Gillian’s fascination with archaeology, Lily Blanche Jewellery was born. I just love the memory keeper lockets; such a beautiful idea and they are perfect gifts for loved ones.

Lily Blanche

Each necklace came in a beautiful box and giftbag. I love the little jewellery bag too; it keeps the lockets safe. You can also buy other jewellery items to match the necklace too; bangles and earrings – so you can buy gifts with a theme over the year.

Lily Blanche box

You can get yours from www.lilyblanche.com for £110, there is an extra £15 charge if you choose the longest chain. With Christmas coming up and the likelihood the rule of 6 still being in force, these lockets will be the perfect gift for your loved ones. Special memories that you can keep close to you.

Do you have a locket? I would love to know what you think of the locket in the comments below, or on social media: @mummyconstant.

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Last Update: Monday, 23rd November 2020