Canada covers such huge amounts of land. No surprise then that it’s brimming over with stunning natural scenery. You can get everything here from dramatic mountains and cliffs to beautiful valleys and waterfalls. There’s some great territory to explore on foot, by bike and by car. If you’re on holiday in one of the main cities, you’re sure to be within reach of both natural and beautiful – without travelling for hours. Check out some of these top natural wonders that Canada’s got waiting for you.

World-famous waterfalls

If you’re staying in Toronto, jump in the car and head for one of the most famous waterfalls in the world – Niagara. Wow, this is nature at its most powerful. The crazy torrents of water, a vision of blue and white, will have you stunned. This is truly an awesome sight, one of those real bucket-list must-sees, and it’s not just about the water here, Niagara Falls itself offers all sorts of things, including entertainment and great food.

Mountain life

Canada’s stunning and dramatic mountains are, without doubt, a natural wonder. They pull in locals and visitors alike, keen to explore what they have to offer.

The mountains of Whistler bring in thousands of snowboarders and skiers – offering some of the best snowy conditions on earth. There’s hot springs, lakes and rivers too.

If you’re in Calgary, you can get to the Rockies quickly – in about 90 minutes by car. You’ll arrive at Banff National Park, where you’ll find some awesome scenery, including Lake Louise.

Near Montreal and Quebec, you’ll find the Laurentian Mountains, also offering some memorable scenery for bikers and hikers. is luxurious accommodation that is ideal to stay in to explore the area.

The Northern Lights

You know your aurora borealis? Yes, we’re talking about the northern lights. If you want to catch sight of them, then Canada is a good spot. The Northwest Territories is high up there for enthusiasts who want to look skywards and see all those colors dance around the darkness.

If you’re not in the territories, you may be lucky enough if you’re in the right place at the right time in other parts of Canada. Edmonton and Prince Edward Island are said to have regular sightings.

Sea and sand

If you’re looking for some beach action, then Canada’s a good place for you. It has the largest area of coastline in the world, thousands of miles of it in fact, and, of course, there are all of those lakes too!

You don’t have to travel far to get some sand between your toes, if you’re on holiday in one of the major cities.

Take Vancouver, for example, it’s got nine beaches and they’ve won lots of praise! One of them is Wreck Beach, which runs for about five miles near the University of British Columbia campus. English Bay, in the West End neighborhood, is also worth checking out.

You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to coastal retreats. The only problem is deciding which one to visit!


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